A famous sex slave trainer. Always brings fresh onions along with him as food. He got his current name due to the onion smell. His real name is a mystery.

Coming from Daiakuji, Tamanegi is chosen to reappear in the Ranceverse for whatever reason. I think he's the only character who can be recruited multiple ways, but the quickest is to play the training forest area 3 times, he'll appear as a star event. His FR can be raised by capturing Gal Monsters and is necessary for several HCGs. There are a total of 43 Gal Monsters. Also note that there are enemies that looks like gals but they are unable to be captured.

For a ranged unit, he has a pretty decent attack power, but his relatively low level cap hurts him a bit since he's a male and he needs to be in front to capture Gal Monsters. Overall, I say he's rather average.

How to raise his max level cap to 50: When he reaches his level cap of 30, you can only raise further with Starlevel the Great, which can be maximum 50.

He's removable from your roster of 16 characters if you need space for other people.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • Nothing in particular.


Basic Attack

Tamanegi's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and is ranged. 

This can pierce a horizontal row and hit 2 enemies, the front and back, coupled with his decent attack power means he's a good ranged attacker until Maria and Kanami show up.

Garlic Thrust

Tamanegi's special skill that has a chance to stun enemies in a horizontal row (the same as his basic attack).

Has a lower accuracy than his basic attack.


Tamanegi uses this skill to capture weakened Gal Monsters.

Success rate is dependent on his Level and the remaining health of the target. 

Women's Secret Hole

Tamanegi's special skill that requires 1 turn charging.

It deals extremely high damage against Gal Monsters, but deals 0 damage against everything else.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

To get his S Weapon you need to capture all 43 Gal Monsters and see all their HCGs. Then click on the new event under Tamanegi's name that requires one red orb.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Any of the items that allow you to hit weak points are good if you don't need them elsewhere.
  • Moja Doll - Increases Accuracy, you only need one, and only if you're going to use "Garlic Thrust".