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Tami John
Japanese タミ・ジョン
Romanization tami jon
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman
Level limit 42
Skill levels Hammer Combat Lv1, Sword Combat Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance
Mentioned in Rance IX
A trap...? Impossible, even though I'm her ally... is General Minerva forsaking me, too...?

—Tami John, speaking his one and only line before his death.

About Edit

Tami John is a member of the Helman Third Army who only appeared in Kichikuou Rance. He was a large, muscular, and austere man with an intimidating presence. Tami well represented the kind of man that a life of soldiering and struggling in the harsh climates of Helman would produce.

He was the subordinate of Minerva Margaret and her younger brother Maha, and wore a bell collar with an "M" engraved on it to showcase this. He was indebted to the two for some unknown reason and had dedicated his life to protecting them. As the Margaret siblings were born into poverty, it is very likely that Tami was also from a similarly hard background.

While Tami possessed a great degree of loyalty towards Minerva, she showed no personal attachment to him and perceived him as being as expendable as any other soldier. Should the player fight the Third Army for several turns without defeating Tami, he triggers an explosive trap made by Minerva, killing him. He plays no other role in the story beyond this.

In the canon storyline, his character is largely replaced by Isaac, another Third Army soldier who believed himself to be the right hand man of Minerva only to be betrayed and indirectly killed by her. Despite this, his name does reappear in Rance IX as the name of a stage boss, but the character uses a generic Helman Knight model and has no story relevance.

Abilities Edit

A massive man with a towering frame, Tami was a deadly opponent with strength and abilities comparable to a General. In battle he wielded a large two-handed axe with ease to cut down his foes. He was incredibly tough and resilient, possessing a body that could withstand several attacks from an entire army and still stand.

In addition to his individual strength, Tami appeared to be a skilled commander, leading a very large unit of powerful Helman knights to great effect, being able to defeat sizable sections of enemy armies while minimizing casualties of his own.

Despite these talents, they were ultimately useless in keeping Tami alive, as it was his own blind trust in Minerva that proved to be his undoing.

Trivia Edit

  • At 222 cm, he is the tallest non-modified human to ever appear in the series whose height is known, beating Thoma Lipton by just 2 centimeters.


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