Tanegashima House
Sengoku Rance - Tanegashima banner

(c)アリスソフト The thing to the left is the crest of the Tanegashima House.

Sengoku Rance - Tamba

Tanegashima influence, early LP0005.

  • Leader: Tanegashima Shigehiko
  • Principle: Sell lots of fire arms and make lots of money.
  • Military strength: 3/5 (mostly consists of troops utilizing the new fire arms weapon).

The Tanegashima House is the only country to be able to create and mass produce fire arms. With archery as the only pre-existing ranged weapon in the land, the Tanegashima House may fundamentally change the rules of war.

The Tanegashima House controls Tamba

Appears in: Sengoku Rance

Key characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • For real world reference, check out wikipedia:Tanegashima
  • Two other Alicesoft game characters are seen in the background of Tanegashima workshop.

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