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Tenrou Kunagi

"If you're the sort of man that gives up halfway, then I will abandon you."

Kunagi is one of the two main heroines of Big Bang Age.

Rouga's strong willed fiancee. She's the sort of person who says what she thinks. Because of that, there are many people who she's not good with. She says strict things to Rouga as well, but she believes in him more than anyone. She looks younger than her actual age. In the game, she makes her appearance in a strange form.

Battle quote - "I won't spare you."

Fun Facts:

  • Her true self is an adult Kunagi version
  • She was stuck in a wolf form in which she could not control her demonic powers very well
  • After Rouga got the button to return her to her true self, she instead turned into a younger version of Kunagi because the button did not have enough power to completely remove the curse.

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