The Witch's Party was a party of adventurers that lived during the Gele Era that carried a burning desire to defeat The Legendary Five

All three members were mages, led by Eina, who was followed by her two disciples. They got in the way of The Legendary Five quite a few times and were finally defeated in their last battle in the Ancient Ruins, where they were all slain by the opposing party.



The leader of the group, a high-handed, beautiful, and mature woman who believed herself to be irresistible and was known as the "Witch of Kitai." She was the one who hated the The Legendary Five the most and led her party in attempt to destroy them.

She had at one time attempted to seduce both British and Ho-Raga but neither were interested, Ho-Raga being homosexual and British too intent on his mission for romance. This shattered her pride as a woman whom all men would desire and left her with a goal to kill both of them. While her enemies were all the five members of their party, her personal grudge was only against British and Ho-Raga.

She attacked them many time throughout their journey, culminating in a final battle in the Ancient Ruins. Despite possessing a high talent for magic, Eina's magical ability could not compare to Ho-Raga's nor could it breach the defensive abilities of Café Artful either. The Legendary Five defeated her party and she was not given mercy.


Eina's disciple, a mage of relatively average strength but very skilled with magic of the element of ice. 

During the final battle with The Legendary Five, Mei managed to debilitate Ho-Raga with a Snow Laser and conjured up an ice storm and a dust storm.

However, this backfired against her when British, blinded from the storm and dust, started wildly flailing his sword around and stabbed her right through her heart, killing her instantly.


The only male member of the group and a disciple of Eina. Shin was probably the most talented member of the group with the greatest potential for the magic arts, making him the strongest of the three.

In the final battle in the Ancient Ruins he nearly caused fatal damage to Chaos, but Nikkou deflected his Fire Laser back to him with her katana, which knocked him out.

He woke up later when the battle was over and his companions were dead, being the only one left alive. He chased after the Legendary Five in order to challenge them again, but this time Chaos wounded him severely. Much to his misfortune, Ho-Raga found him incredibly attractive and took advantage of the weakened Shin by having sex with him. After the unwilling intercourse, he was left in the ruins alone and, while Shin didn't have enough strength to fight, he used the last of his power along with his Life Force to cast an ultimate forbidden curse on one of the members of the group, the only one that couldn't go further through the Ancient Ruins, British

The curse Shin cast on British is known as the Concrete Curse, an incredibly powerful curse that binds him to a concrete wall and leaves him alive for eternity. It is the very same curse that still keeps British trapped and tormented in the present 1500 years later. Since casting the spell uses all the Life Force and Magic Power of the user, Shin perished immediately after using it.