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Io Ishtar stealing an important key from Rance.

Thieves are individuals that dedicate all their skill and talent in stealing others patrimony. They are usually stealthy and dexterous people profficient at evading traps, picking locks, espionage, and other more than dishonorable methods. They usually either form groups and assault their victims in more secluded areas outside of towns or villages, or are mostly street rats that live every day stealing and hiding.

Thieves are usually capable of melee combat, and tend to be focused on dodging attacks like Ninjas do rather than withstanding damage. They often wield daggers or other short weapons that can serve for quick and fast attacks, relying mostly on speed and rapid strikes. They are stealthy and fast, and to back-stab their opponents if given the chance.

Thieves that have higher skill levels than usual are also tactical genius, and can come up with advanced and complicated strategies to steal from their victims in less favorable scenarios. They are also fast thinkers and can adapt to every situation quickly.

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Thief Lv2Edit

Thief Lv1Edit

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