In Slash! Thrust! Burn!, there are many businesses that you can encounter if you land on their spaces. In the first two areas, there are three types of businesses that you can land on. These are the inn (with the ninja clerk),  the weapons' shop (with the diviner clerk) and the item shop with the sign girl clerk. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only hold 9 of each type of healing item at a time. Also, prices listed are prices obtained without a Discount card. For every discount card you have in hand, prices are reduced by 10% (to a maximum of 50%). Stat increasing items start at a base cost and increase in cost by 100 for every one bought (you can only purchase one for each type per visit), I've represented this with [base cost]+100*n in the charts so people can know what the initial cost is.

Descriptions used are not the in-game flavour text for the items, but simply state what the object is or does.

At the inn, you can take a break or buy a bodyguard, but only if you don't already have one.

Product Price (G) Description
Break 200 heals each party member for 40 HP.
Verbose Bodyguard 1 000

Has base stats of H:39, A:7, D:9, I:3, S:3

Abilities gained by skill card: (-,small slash,large slash,huge rage slash,-)

Shady Bodyguard 800 unknown
Dull Bodyguard 600 unknown

For the weapon's store (the one with the diviner clerk), you can buy weapons as well as stat raising items. As for the weapons, you need to buy the inferior weapons for a character before you can buy the more powerful weapons. The items you can get are among the following.

Product Price (G) Description
Black Ninja Sword 1 500 First weapon upgrade for Kanami
Sacrifice Ninja Suit 1 500 First armour upgrade for Kanami
katsukontou 200 Healing item for single party member, heals a lot
Souvenir Kanai 400 First weapon upgrade for Suzume
Bold Ninja Attire 500 First armour upgrade for Suzume
Good Medicine 200 Heals entire party's HP
Pipipo Daifuka [300]+100*n Increases one party member's Intelligence by 2 points
Poison Kunai 1 700 Second weapon upgrade for Suzume
Pororin Ninja Attire 1 300 Second armour upgrade for Suzume
Seirogan 100 heals a single party member for 20 HP
Ultra Katayaki [400]+100*n Increases one party member's Defence by 2 points
Greatspear: Laguun 1 300 Senhime's second weapon upgrade
Proto-Mobile Armour 400 Senhime's first armour upgrade
Treasure: Phalanx 500 Senhime's first weapon upgrade
Thousand Spaulders 1 700 Senhime's second armour upgrade
Cow Honey Manjuu [400]+100*n Increases one party member's Speed stat by 2 points
Pakapuku Mochi [500]+100*n Increases one party member's max HP by 4 points

The item shop only sells stat increasing items (with one exception).

Product Price (G) Description
Pakapuka Mochi [500]+100*n Increases one character's max HP by 4
Bleeding Youkan [500]+100*n Increases one character's Attack by 2 points
Ultra Katayaki [400]+100*n Increases one character's Defense by 2 points
Pipipo Daifuka [300]+100*n Increases one character's intelligence by 2 points
Cow Honey Manjuu


Increases one character's Speed by 2 points
Mountaineering Gear 2 800 Prevents any consequence form landing on rough ground in chapter 2

Starting in chapter 3, you no longer have access to any of the above shops. Instead they're replaced by two shops. These shops are Pluepet's store (the green floating muppet looking creature that also appears in Sengoku Rance) and the hot spring shop.

For Pluepet's shop, in order to get all of the items, you need to miss the last door at least once, because you need to get to his store three times to buy the items for Suzume, Kanami and Senhime (in this order).

Product Price (G) Description
Kunais 2 700 Suzume's final weapon upgrade
Momotan Ninja Attire 3 000 Suzume's final armour upgrade
Fukakuhiroku 600 Heals entire party for a lot of HP
Seeing Skull 8 500 Removes mist in hot spring
Secretsword Zoringen 3 300 Kentou Kanami's final weapon upgrade
Leazas Ninja Attire 3 300 Kentou Kanami's final armour upgrade
Demonspear: Genocide 3 000 Senhime's final weapon upgrade
Senhime's Spaulders 2 700 Senhime's final armour upgrade

Inside this ninja fortress is a natural hot spring. You can get healed there as well as buy stat increasing items.

Product Price (G) Description
Bath 400 Will heal 80HP to each party member. It is tastefully censored by mist
Ultra Katayaki [400]+100*n Increases one character's Defense stat by 2 points
Pakapuku Mochi [500]+100*n Increases one character's max HP by 4 points
Cow Honey Manjuu [400]+100*n Increases one character's Speed by 2 points
Pipipo Daifuku [300]+100*n Increases one character's Intelligence by 2 points
Bleeding Youkan [500]+100*n Increases one character's Attack by 2 points

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