In Slash! Thrust! Burn! skills are obtained by having ADD. SKILLS cards in your hand. For each of these cards you have in your hand, you gain another ability, giving each character 6 abilities (including the basic attack you get with zero of these cards). For the main characters, they obtain the following abilities.

In the following tables, anything named basic weapon attack is substituted in game with the name of the weapon that character is currently wielding.


Skill Name Target Effect
Basic Weapon Attack one Does basic attack damage
Chun Chun Shuriken random Will randomly attack the enemies four times (if there's only one enemy left, she will target that character four times)
Chuchun S Shuriken one Stronger attack that does around triple basic attack damage to an enemy
Substitution auto unknown
Twin Sky Slash one Changes an enemy's stats for better or for worse
Ahead Ahead Ahead auto If the enemy party is made of three or more units, Suzume will instantly kill one at the start of combat. This doesn't happen in the final boss fight.

Suzume's Ahead Ahead Ahead ability is very useful because almost all combats later on have three or more units. Her Twin Sky Slash ability is very unreliable, making you potentially both lose a turn and also make your enemies stronger. Out of the remaining techniques, her best is probably Chun Chun Shuriken. Having the ability to do basic attack damage four times (to the same enemy, if they're the only enemy left of the field) is much better than what you can get with Chuchun S Shuriken, especially considering that most enemies can only take one or two hits from Chun Chun Shuriken, making the rest of the damage that Chuchun S Shuriken deals wasted.


Skill Name Target Effect
Basic Weapon Attack one Does basic attack damage
Clone Technique auto unknown
Bullseye Slash one does basic attack damage (?)
Fire Bowl all enemies Deals basic attack damage to each enemy once
Leaves Hiding auto When activated (randomly) Kanami will dodge an attack
Voracious Fire Bowl one This attack deals damage to both allies and enemies randomly a random amount of time before hitting the initially chosen enemy once

Kanami's best attack is easily Fire Bowl, it does respectable damage to each enemy without risking damaging your team. Her Voracious Fire Bowl is a great way to kill your own party members, as it seems to hit your own units far more often than it does the enemy. Considering it can hit your team mates eight times in a row before hitting the enemies once, it's not a technique worth using.


Skill Name Target Effect
Basic Weapon Attack one Does basic attack damage
Thrust: Comet Spear one Deals more damage than the basic attack once
Block: Lunar Steel auto Has a random chance to block an enemy's attack meant for another ally
Sweep: Morning Gale all Deals basic attack damage once to each enemy
Counter: Chaos Echo auto Senhime will randomly counter several times an attacking enemy
Knock: Milky Way all Deals basic attack damage to each enemy twice

Knock: Milky Way is definitely Senhime's best ability, dealing damage to each enemy twice, making it twice as powerful as Sweep: Morning Gale. Her Counter: Chaos Echo will activate on occasion, but it's not reliable like Suzume's Ahead Ahead Ahead. Thrust: Comet Spear seems to deal only slightly more damage than the basic attack, something like 1.2 to 1.5 times.

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