I've gotten weak. I've been handcuffed and kept in here for a long time, so all my muscles have weakened. I intended to gouge your stomach out, but I couldn't dig my fingers in.
......Hmm, then let's do this. If I die in battle, you can do whatever you want with my body. You will be able to have sex with me all you want.
I just want to fight, so I'm not interested in politics, even if I am the successor of Tokugawa.
I don't want to do that again. I think it felt good as a woman...But it's not good enough compared to the uplifting feeling of being on the battleground. I want to fight in a war. I want to risk my life on the battlefield.
It's a good day. This is a good day... for war.
Can you call me by my real name while we're at it? It's pronounced the same, but please call me Sen in your mind. I don't hate my nickname, but I at least want to be called by my real name while we're having sex...
No Rance, you will win because you are you.
I need no payment, just take me to a satisfying battlefield.
You're the one that changed me into a woman like that. I love you Rance.

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