Japanese 闘神Δ
Romanization tōshinΔ
Race Toushin
Sex Male
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect

About Edit

Toushin Δ

Toushin Delta represented an imposing wall to his opponents.

Delta was the 4th Toushin to be constructed during the era of the Holy Magic Sect. He was one of M.M Rune's most trusted subordinates and boasted a great fame and respect among the Sect. 

During the Dark Lord War, he successfully repelled Dark Lord attacks a total of 13 times, and remained undefeated for a very long time. How or by who he went down remains unknown. One of these encounters with Dark Lords was with the Black Mage Dark Lord Ithere, who attempted to invade his Toushin Toshi during the war. After a fierce battle, Delta was able to push him back and force him to retreat.

His appearance was very similar to that of a priest, wearing a cylindrical hat and a long robe that fell down from his shoulders.

To this day, the remnants of Delta are buried beneath the 8th segment of the Maginot Line, a key location, and his mana battery is used to generate power for Zeth's defenses.