Japanese 闘神Λ
Romanization tōshinΛ
Race Toushin
Sex Male
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect

About Edit

Lambda vs Garutia

An imposing figure, Lambda could easily defeat most Dark Lords in combat.

was the 11th Toushin to be constructed. When human, Lambda was one of the Five Aces, the highest position in the Holy Magic Sect, and M.M. Rune's most trusted allies, and as a Toushin he didn't fall behind, since Lambda was known as the most powerful Toushin ever activated during the Dark Lord War.

Lambda was a unique experiment performed by the Sect. His body frame was adapted from the dead body of an Earth Dragon, which turned Lambda into the largest Toushin of all. His strength and potential were so great that it surpassed even the wildest expecations of its builders.

It was even more combat-oriented that other Toushin in design and could take on multiple Dark Lords at the same time, capable of defending from all angles. It had blades juttling out of its back, a set of sharp metal fangs, complete body armor and glowing red eyes. An example of his strength was how easily he was able to overpower Dark Lord Garutia and his three Apostles. His strength was comparable to the Elite Four Dark Lords.

In addition, the Toushin Toshi linked to Lambda was the largest and grandest of them all, if the Toushin Toshi were floating islands, then Toushin Toshi Lambda was a vast and majestic floating continent.