Toushin MM
Japanese 闘神MM
Romanization tōshinMM
Race Toushin
Sex Male
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect
Appeared in Rance IX

About Edit

Toushin MM is the ultimate and most powerful Toushin designed by the Holy Magic Sect, originally designed to retrofit the Magic Master himself, M.M Rune. Unknown to most, it was actually sleeping deep into the capital of Helman in Detna Luca. Freak Paraffin and Hanty Kalar were the only ones that knew about this, and after their assasination of M.M Rune stayed in Helman in order to guard it and prevent its activation, since way before the foundation of the Helman Empire. It wasn't until centuries later that would be discovered by the politically powerful prime minister Stessel Romanov.

The Toushin designed for the ultimate leader of the Holy Magic Sect was the most mighty and powerful of all. Having a massive mechanical body and with the ability to create summoned mechas in the battlefield, the Toushin was claimed to be powerful enough to battle against 4 Dark Lords at the same time.

The combined forces of the entire Revolutionary Army combined with many other Helman fighters finally were able to destroy the Toushin, ending with M.M Rune's final threat to humanity.


  • The theme that plays during the battle against Toushin MM is the same one that plays during the final battle of Mamatoto, "Running to the Straight".
  • Toushin MM is the only Toushin that isn't named after a letter of the greek alphabet.
  • Toushin MM is also the only Balance Breaker that was destroyed rather than sealed.