Japanese 闘神Θ
Romanization tōshinΘ
Race Toushin
Sex Female
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect
Appeared in Rance IV

About Edit


Theta was an unbelievably skilled fist-fighter.

Theta was the 8th Toushin to be constructed. A solid gold construct with feminine features, it was nicknamed the Golden Goddess.

As a human, she was one of the Five Aces, M.M Rune's most trusted comrades, and she was the only female member of this group. Of all the Toushin, Theta was one that boasted great popularity and renown.

She was one of the strongest Toushin and, while her might didn't reach as high as Lambda's, she was still on par with the Elite four Dark Lords. It's said that during the Dark Lord War, it engaged in a fistfight against Dark Lord Noce that lasted a total of 70 days. Theta was a very quick type that could see an enemy attack and evade it right away. She was dodging all of Noce's attacks, but her attacks on him were only hardening his body. She wasn't able to take away the smirk from his face for the whole fight until, her real body was attacked from behind and she stopped right in front of Noce. He got so angry he wasn't able to finish her that for the rest of the war he rampaged so much to be know as the Toushin Crusher.

It was lasting against Noce for so long what earned her a place in legend.