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The handicap of this challenge is to clear the game at the minimum level, with the minimum number of kills, while getting All CG.

Run from all encounters unless explicitly stated to do something with enemy.
  • Get Happiness Ring
  • Pickup 300 Gold
  • Sell 32 Rarukatto (without killing anything. if accidentally kill something, reload)
  • Buy Steel Armor
  • Pick up Hero's Crest
  • Defeat Crayon (1F 34,81) @ WLv1 (1499 WExp, 50 gold)
  • Pickup Iron Key (1F 29,82)
  • Pickup Medicine 2 x5 from chest
  • Sell 1 Cattle Rider (+500G = 550G)
  • Sell 1 Chabu Chabu (+1000G = 1550G)
  • Sell 35 Rarukatto (+3500G = 5050G)
  • Buy Muramasa and equip it. (-5000G = 50G)
  • Sign up for the Tournament
  • Defeat Dogi in the tournament @ WLv1 (+14999 exp = 16498 WExp) (+1000G = 1050G)
  • Pickup Return Twig (2F)
  • Reach 3F then go back to 1F and give 300G to Kaori (evil => 0)
  • Pick up Hyper Shield
  • Right before challenging the Forest Sprite, get to WLv 3 (-80exp - 160exp = 16258 WExp)
  • Defeat Forest Sprite at WLv 3 (might need about 10 medicine uses to heal and restore SP) (+9997 exp = 26255 WExp) (+1000G = 2050G)
  • Buy magic (-300G -1300G = 450G)
  • Defeat Lagunastar in the tournament @ WLv 3

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