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Support MagicEdit

Translated Name Japanese Name Effect Vit/SP Req. Notes
Healing ヒーリング Restores 20 HP 30 Treasure chest on 4th floor
Scope スコープ Raises accuracy by 10 30 Treasure chest on 4th floor
Project Stray Thoughts 雑念投与 Disrupts an enemy's charged attack 30 Floor 4, inside Feera's treasure chest, only works on Arthur
Evade 回避 Raises evasion by 3 30
Weaken Armor 装甲軟化 Lowers enemy defense by 2 30 Only works if enemy has at least 5 def.

Attack MagicEdit

Translated Name Japanese Name Damage Vit/SP Req. Notes
Fire Laser ファイヤーレーザー
100 + MLv 120 10th floor, collect all 6 pieces of Liza's mirror
Fire Blast 火爆破 45 + MLv 80 Sold in 3F magic store for 1300 gold.
Flame Arrow 炎の矢 30 + MLv 50 Sold in 3F magic store for 300 gold.
Blizzard 氷雪吹雪 50 + MLv 80 3F, given by Little Red Riding Hood after saving her sister (Need Wind Key from 7F)
Ice Arrow 氷の矢 30 + MLv 50 Given by Lagunastar after defeating him
Lightning 雷撃 30 + MLv 50 Able to damage dragons

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