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The following is some SSG code to use with Toushin Toshi under System 3.9:

Toushin Toshi.ssg
SSG for SpoilerAL ver 6.1


[title]Toushin Toshi 闘神都市 Sys39
Toushin Toshi SSG file for System 3.9

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[adjustment]search, 0xA3E6F0, 020000001400140064006400, 0xA00000, 0xB00000, 4
[subject]Main battle stats:dir
  [subject]My HP:calc, 0xA3E6F4, 0, 65535
  [subject]My SP:calc, 0xA3E6F8, 0, 65535
  [subject]Enemy HP:calc, 0XA3E854,1, 100
[subject]Other stats:dir
  [subject]Max HP/lock value:calc, 0xA3E6F4, 0, 65535
  [subject]Max SP/lock value:calc, 0xA3E6FA, 0, 65535
  [subject]Str/lock value:calc, 0xA3E700, 0, 65535
  [subject]Hit/lock value:calc, 0xA3E702, 0, 65535
  [subject]Eva/lock value:calc, 0xA3E704, 0, 65535
  [subject]Mdf/lock value:calc, 0xA3E70C, 0, 65535
  [subject]Int/lock value:calc, 0xA3E70A, 0, 65535
  [subject]Gold/lock value:calc, 0xA3E6FC, 0, 65535
  [subject]Armor/lock value:list,0xA3E71E,Toushin Toshi armor,0,1
  [subject]Shield/lock value:list,0xA3E724,Toushin Toshi shield,0,1
  [subject]Return Twig/lock value:calc, 0xA3E77C, 0, 65535
  [subject]Restorative items:dir
    [subject]D.H.Powder/lock value:calc, 0xA3E77A, 0, 65535
    [subject]H. Lemon:toggle, 0xA3E80C, 01, 00
    [subject]Med2/lock value:calc, 0xA3E77E, 0, 65535
    [subject]Med1/lock value:calc, 0xA3E778, 0, 65535
  [subject]Stats boost items:dir
    [subject]HP Booster/lock value:calc, 0xA3E7E6, 0, 65535
    [subject]SP Booster/lock value:calc, 0xA3E7E2, 0, 65535
  [subject]Event items:dir
    [subject]Warning\:Altering event items might break your game!:dir
        [subject]Hero's Crest:toggle, 0xA3E782, 01, 00
        [subject]Iron Key:toggle, 0xA3E8E6, 01, 00
        [subject]Mage Card:toggle, 0xA3E7AA, 01, 00
[subject]Experience and Records:dir
  [subject]WLv/lock value:calc, 0xA3E70E, 0, 65535
  [subject]WExp/lock value:calc, 0xA3E710, 0, 65535
  [subject]MLv/lock value:calc, 0xA3E712, 0, 65535
  [subject]MExp/lock value:calc, 0xA3E714, 0, 65535
  [subject]Sin:calc, 0xA3E72E, 0, 65535
  [subject]GalM sold:calc, 0xA3E736, 0, 65535
Toushin Toshi armor.lst
Normal Cloths (普通の服)
Platemail (プレイトメイル)
Platemail2 (プレイトメイル2)
Crimson Armor (真紅の鎧)
Steel Armor (鋼鉄の鎧)
Shogun Armor (将軍の鎧)
Toushin Toshi shield.lst
Large Shield (ラージシールド)
Hyper Shield (ハイパーシールド)
Power Shield (パワーシールド)
Shogun Shield (将軍の盾)

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