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Entering the Tournament, Round 1, 1st Floor Edit

When you get control of Custom at the beginning of the game and can move around, go to the Coliseum. Talk to the receptionist, Shuri. She informs you that in order to participate in the tournament, you need to retrieve a Hero Crest from the labyrinth on the outskirts of town. Leave the coliseum and head to the labyrinth. It might be a good idea to get some Medicine from the shop in town first. The Hero Crests are in the first floor of the labyrinth, in a room in the lower left part of a huge part of the cave. Once you take one by entering the room, you can talk to Shuri again to enter the tournament.

There is a girl named Kaori (or maybe Kaoru?) in the first floor of the cave, on the right. Her boyfriend wants her to get a video game for him, but she doesn't have money. Well, what to do but, uh... earn it with her body? ^_^; For some hundred Gold, you can buy an H-scene with her. If you just give her the money, your Evil stat will go to zero (see the Game Mechanics section for info on Evil). She will be back to "raise more money" later, but each time it will cost more and give you up to about 3 different scenes.

Be careful if you go too far into the cave. By a treasure chest that has the Iron Key, there is a forced battle with Crayon. At low levels, she can be a very tough enemy. If you can't handle it, run away from the battle. Once you defeat her and get the Iron Key, you can open the door leading to the second floor.

Once you have entered the tournament, you need to gain enough levels and buy good enough weapons to defeat Dogi, your first opponent when the time comes. Poking around the first and second floors of the labyrinth should prepare you well. Resting at the Inn will bring you one day closer to the day of your match each time. Keep in mind that you cannot rest on the day of your match, so if you need healing on that day, you'll need to use medicine or be defeated in battle (but that's not recommended since you'll lose your stored experience.)

When it's your day to fight, head to the coliseum. You will fight Dogi, a very straightforward battle. Remember you can use Medicine during the battle when needed. Once you win, you will get stat-boosting medicine, 1000 Gold, and some "alone" time with Dogi's partner, Mani.

Round 2, 2nd and 3rd Floors Edit

Your opponent for the second round is Lagunastar, whose clothing has been enchanted to repel all physical attacks. Only magic may harm him. Thus before fighting him you need to learn magic.

Once you have won the first round, Poe, who has been stuck on 2F forever, will tell you how to restore the bridge if you talk to him twice. Go to the handle via invisible shallow-water passages, and turn it clockwise to restore the bridge (if you go to the handle without talking to Poe first, you won't be able to turn the handle at all). Across the bridge, you'll find many chests lying about, most of which being empty. The ones with anything is a chest holding 300 gold, and another chest with a return twig. Other than that there is a spot in the 2F where you'll find a girl named Mako and three magical chest behind her. The chest will automatically respawn it's item each you enter the dungeon. The location of the girl and the chests is first marked by an armor located on the first open location on the right, before you reach the stone dungeon, after you've found the armor just follow another invisible shallow-water passages below it. *REMEMBER the road you took to get to her because there's also a DEAD END on the road*

The first time you reach the third floor, there isn't much to do. Going back to town, visit the bar and have a chat with Lagunastar, who would give you a Sorcery Card (talking to him without visiting 3F will not get you the card), granting you passage past the mage sentry on the third floor. Finding Sorcerer Ra, he'll ask you to rescue his friend, Sorcerer Ha, who is trapped behind a large fire, and as a reward he'll teach you magic. Explore around the third floor to find Baru/Pal, talk to her twice and she'll ask you to find Hirara Lemon for her in exchange for her telling you how to save Sorcerer Ha.

The Herara Lemon can be found by a tree in the middle of a field of red flowers. Fetch one and return to Baru/Pal, and you'll find her being assaulted by a Forest Sprite. Defeat the Forest Sprite and talk to Baru twice, and she'll give you a bottle of oil for the rusted handle that controls the waterflow of the dam. Use the oil on the handle then turn it, and the water will put out the fire. Go find Sorcerer Ha, then go back to Sorcerer Ra, and you'll be able to use magic.

Important: Now, go to the magic shop on the same floor, and buy at least one of the magic attacks sold there. Once armed with an offensive magic spell, you are ready to take on Lagunastar.

Upon winning the second round, Lagunastar will leave you with the Ice Arrow spell, which will come in very handy soon.

Round 3, 4th Floor Edit

Your opponent for the third round is Arthur, who has a special attack that can deal an insane amount of damage. Luckily, he needs to concentrate several turns in order to unleash that attack. Thus before fighting him you need to find how to exploit his weakness.

Before you enter the dungeon again, make sure you have at least one Medicine 2 and one Return Branch with you. Go down to the fourth floor of the dungeon, then head North East. An enemy named Summit will be blocking your way, use Ice Arrow to defeat him. In the next room, find a short passage west, where a girl is trapped inside a hole. She offers you the chest in her hand, which contains the magic "Project Distraction", if you can help her out. Return to the big room, head north, and pick the middle passage. The Green Hanny blocking the way will demand a Medicine 2, give it to him. Past the Hanny are four chests and Poe. Once you have helped Poe, head back to the big room and this time enter the passage on the right. The Green Hanny there will demand a Return Branch, give it to him, and enter the warp field ahead.

Once you've gone past two warp points, you'll land in the second zone of the fourth floor. Be careful do not step on the switch near the infinite number of Fiendish Hannies, or you'll be stuck with no way out. Find your way to the back of the girl who was stuck in the hole, and defeat the enemy. Then walk all the way back to the Big Room again, where you originally met the girl. There is now a chest with the magic "Project Distraction" in it. You are now ready to fight the third round of the tournament.

Arthur's powerful attack requires three turns to charge. Whenever he is almost done charging, use Project Distraction to distract him so he'll have to start over. With magic guaranteeing he'll never attack you, just slowing cut his health down.

Round 4, 5th Floor Edit

Your fourth round opponent is Raipiraki, who is a great archer. Stop by the tavern to talk to Poe, who informs you that Raipiraki is actually a were-dragon, and that the only way to defeat him is with the Dragonslayer! Luckily, one can be found on the 5th floor of the dungeon.

Prior to you winning round 3, a guy named X997 was blocking the bridge on the fourth floor to the fifth floor. However now you may fight him as X999, and go down to the 5th floor.

When you locate the Dragonslayer, make sure you only have at most two swords on you (you can only carry up to three at once). The statues next to it will prevent you from taking the sword. Return to the tavern to confirm with Poe that the guardian statues hate men, so that only a female may take the sword from the statues. However, Dragonslayer will erode and consume the soul of any female wielding it.

Go back into the dungeon, and when you exit, Kumiko will not be waiting for you as usual (you can just go to first floor and come right back out). Talking to the guide reveals that Kumiko has entered the dungeon on her own to obtain the Dragonslayer. Go back to the fifth floor, and find Kumiko (who has taken the Dragonslayer away from its original place), and enter battle. You will not be able to harm her at all, but after surviving many turns, Kumiko will be able to break free of the sword's curse, and give the sword to you.

Before fighting the fourth round, make sure to equip Dragonslayer.

Semi-Final Round, 6th Floor Edit

The Semi-Final round opponent is a mysterious ninja. Drop by the tavern to discover that the ninja is a beautiful woman named Yayoi, whose servant has gone missing in the sixth floor of the dungeon. She offers you an antidote that can get you through the poison fields of the sixth floor, if you would help look for her servant.

The sixth floor is full of traps and puzzles. First of all, find a switch in the eastern section of the sixth floor, which opens a gate in the western section. In the west section, one of the passages beyond the Large Room has a handle at the end of the wall. Turning that handle will cause a hidden treasure chest to pop up, inside which is the Monster Key. Use the monster key to enter the room south of the Large Room, and you'll fight Atlanta. After defeating Atlanta, open the chest in that room, and the large builder blocking another passage in the eastern section will disappear. Return to the eastern section and find a cluster of four rooms. Enter any one of them to rescue Yayoi's servant, who will tip you in that Yayoi has the Secret Key which can open the door leading to the seventh floor.

Return to the tavern, and Yayoi will thank you for saving her servant. However, she wouldn't give you the key, unless you can defeat her in combat. Now, if you return to the six floor and enter any of the four rooms again, you'll end up rescuing Yayoi's servant once more. This time, the servant will tip you to the fact that Yayoi is afraid of frogs. You can capture frogs by the pond on the third floor. However, the frog would die overnight, so you need to capture the frog on the day of the semi-final match to use it.

Yayoi is immune to all magical attacks, and her illusion technique makes it impossible to hit her normally. However, once you use the Frog (from the item menu), it'll break her illusion technique so that you can now attack her normally (she could still attack back, so be careful).

Final Round, 7th Floor Edit

Your final opponent in the tournament is Poe, who has somehow gained supernatural powers during the semi-final round.

Navigating through the traps of the sixth floor, and with the Secret Key received from Yayoi after the semi-finals, go down to the seventh floor. Don't forget that to get to the stairs and the door, you need to walk around that slippery tile, use it to get across the chasms south of it and continue from there on to the seventh floor. You'll see a wounded Arthur searching for his beloved Mina. Enter the castle on the east side (not locked) and talk to a Hanny, who informs you that the Devil Seruji has taken over Poe's body, and the only chance to get Seruji out is by seeking the help of another Devil, Dalis. The Hanny will give you the key to Dalis' castle on the eastern side of the map.

Talk to the face in the wall next to the gate in Dalis' castle that blocks your passage. The Face will challenge you with a quiz (based on a unimportant dialogue much earlier in the game), and threatens to wipe out all your save data and resets your game if you guess wrong. Luckily he doesn't actually have the ability to enforce his threat, and you can guess as many times as you want without actual penalty. Once you answered correctly, the gate will open, then there is a long bridge westward into a room where a mage stands. The mage informs you that Dalis has been locked up due to the Dragon King stealing her Light Orb. The mage hands you the key to the Dragon King's castle (on the north side of the map) hoping you would help Dalis.

The Dragon King's castle is guarded with a number of Dragon Knights, who would respawn if you leave the floor and return. You do not need to fight all the Dragon Knights. Once you defeat the Dragon King, you'll find the Light Orb in the chest behind. Return to the mage in Dalis' castle, and he'll instruct you to install the Light Orb into the hole on the pillar next to him. Once you have done that, the gates to Dalis' room will be opened. Talk to Dalis and she will enter your body to help you against Seruji when the time comes.

If you stop by the tavern while Dalis is in your body, there will be an H-scene with Sonia.

Poe, possessed by Seruji, will automatically resurrect with full health if you defeat him. Thus you should just use Dalis from the special item menu as soon as you enter battle. This will lead you into Poe's mind. Find Poe, and Dalis will take care of Seruji for you. Note: while inside Poe's mind, you cannot enter camp screen, and therefore cannot change equipement or use items outside of combat. You also cannot level up while inside Poe's mind.

The Secret of Toushin Toshi, 8th and 9th Floors Edit

Winning the tournament grants you the Gold Card, which allows you access to the teleporter room on the seventh floor, which leads to floors eight and nine.

First go to the ninth floor, and check out all the girls in the rooms. In one room you will find Mina, Arthur's partner who has disappeared. Now you have a reason to fight Toushin Alexander. But before fighting him, drop by the eighth floor and collect six chests on that floor to learn Fire Laser. Save before you actually challenge the Toushin, because after that you can't come back to town or explore the dungeon floors one~eight.

When fighting Toushin Alexander, a single blast of Fire Laser will restore his mind from being brainwashed, ending the battle. (Or if you did not get Fire Laser, inflicting 500 damage should bring him back to his senses as well.)

YORA's Domain Edit

Toushin Toshi - Angel Knight range

Green = safe, Red = game over.

You'll start out without your sword, armor, and shield. Regardless of how high your level is, if you run into any enemies it's an automatic game over. During this part of the game, there are no random encounters, and there are only a number of Angel Knights standing sentinel throughout the map. If you come within two squares in any direction of an Angel Knight, she will see you and it's game over. While it appears that all roads are sealed, there are actually a few hidden passages through the trees.

Find your way back to the ninth floor of the dungeon, where there are three chests containing an infinite supply of Shogun Sword, Armor, and Shield respectively. You can also heal up and save on this floor, but you can no longer return to town. The only other part of the dungeon you may visit is the tenth floor.

Once you are ready, go back to YORA's domain. Now the stationary Angel Knights will be replaced by random encounters. Find a side-passage into YORA's castle. Once you rescued Kumiko, YORA's body will go out of control and start to consume the entire area. Kumiko will join your "party" and automatically attack enemies during battle (you cannot control her or see her status). You can still head back to the ninth floor to save and heal. Explore around to fight off a number of YORA's sub-parts, and collect more party members (Roli, Yayoi, and Toushin Alexander). If you stop by the prison house after talking to MIKA (located on the way up to ninth floor), you'll pick up a weapon (Dragonfire Naginata) that will boost Kumiko's attack power.

After Toushin Alexander joins you, you'll face the final showdown against YORA's main body. Defeat him and you will beat the game.

Side quests / Secrets Edit

  • On the second floor, there is a secrete over-water passage starting from the pile of female armor to another room which has three chests. Each of the chest has 10 of Medicine, Medicine 2, and Dragon Horn Powder. If you leave the floor and come back again, the chests will be refilled (unless you already have more than 50 of an item).
  • On the third floor there is a door that requires the Wind Key to pass through. The Wind Key can be found in a chest in the south west area of the seventh floor, sitting on the floor by itself. Through the door is a warp point that sends you to another part of the third floor where Little Red Riding Hood and her sister lives. Visit her house, then rescue her sister, and LRRH will reward you with the spell Blizzard.
  • The Weapon shop on the seventh floor sells the sword Dragonslayer 2 (more powerful version of Dragonslayer) after you defeat the Dragon King.
  • The Tenth floor has four powerup chests: one for sword, shield, armor respectively, and one for strength. Since you lose all your equipment when being captured by YORA's daughters, it's best to get the equipment powerups after you got your new set of shogun equipment.

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