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Items Edit

This is a list of items that can either be found or bought in the game. This does not include key items.

Translated Name Japanese name Effect Notes
Seirogan 世色癌 Recovers 30 HP Buy from Item shop for 10 gold or 100 gold for a pack of 10.
Seirogan 2 世色癌2 Recovers 100 HP Buy from Item shop for 50 gold or 500 gold for a pack of 10.
Seirogan 3 世色癌3 Recovers 300 HP Buy from DX shop (Floor 8 of labyrinth) for 250 gold or 2500 gold for a pack of 10.
Ryukakusan 竜角惨 Completely recovers SP Buy from Item shop for 30 gold or 300 gold for a pack of 10.
Return Wood Escapes dungeons Buy from Item shop for 8 gold each.
Panshiron Recovers 15HP Can be bought from green haired girl
Exploding Mushroom Deals around 50 fire damage
Sweets Recovers 150HP
Red Piko Hammer Destroys Red Pikos. One use only
Blue Piko Hammer Destroys Blue Pikos. One use only.
Green Piko Hammer Destroys Green Pikos. One use only.
Manga Meat Recovers all HP Cannot be bought in stores
Indulgence Reduces sin counter by 2 Buy from hanny in b3f
A-F photographs Pictures of girls
Revival coin Brings Seed back to life if he dies in combat. Does not work on story deaths
Whales Can be found on floor 3 on days multiple of 5,can be sold for 10000g in 28th floor.

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