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Fairies Edit

  • If you collect every single sword, shield, armor and ring in the game, you will get bonuses. When you complete the collection, go into the equip screen for that equip type and you will find a fairy masturbating, who will give you some bonuses.
  • Bonuses
    • Armor : +20 DEF
    • Rings : +20% crit (e.g. if you had 50% crit rate, you would have 70% afterwards)
    • Shields : +20 RES
    • Swords : +20 ATT

Bomb RockEdit

A boulder can randomly show up on any floor in the dungeon. When it shows up, you are given the options to run away, which will always work, or challenge the rock. It will then transform into one of the following-

Petit Hanny- A hanny that will explode after being hit 5 times and deals around 600 damage. Gives little money or experience. Has between 500-5,000 Hp. The most common from the Bomb Rock.

Champagne- A demon who raises the stat of your choice.

Presenter- A demon who cuts your money in half.

Plum's Ghost- A weak enemy that gives the exact experience needed to reach your next level.

Rum- A Gal monster who will delevel you and then run away. Can be caught if you have #1. A S&M Capture Rope, #2. Have a Gal monster on you, and #3. are level 24,32,40,48,56, and maybe 64. Can also capture her without a Gal Monster if you are level 121 or higher. Then find her and you will auto capture her.

Whiskey- Brings experience down to 0.

Great Purin- Highly evasive, gives a few thousand experience.

Char Shop Owner Identity and SceneEdit

The Char Shop can take off her maks, and to make her do that you need to capture every gal monster in the game. Once you do that, go there and sell one more and she should remove her mask and tell a short story. After that, leave and come back for a scene where the gals get revenge on owner.

Summon GatesEdit

Appearing first on floor 28 of Ragnard dungeon and going until the end of the game, these gates when used summon a random boss enemy, which range from cameos to Golden Hannies, for you to fight. The gates respawn every time you leave the floor, and the called enemy is completely random.

The most important part of the gates is that once in a while the called monster will bring you into the gate, where  you will enter a unique dungeon where the last two bosses who have medals(the last line in your inventory) are. Either Gunagan or Bebetar V2. Bebetar V2 has a 33% chance to show up insead of Gunagan. The dungeon has no random encounters, instead crystals that block the path and when interacted with become strong monsters named Larva. The dungeon also has a few chests that only have things in them randomly, all of which are stat buff items, except the last chest which has Gunagan's photos in it(also only filled at random).

Ragnard 8th Floor CodesEdit

AAAAAA - Default location. Any non-unique code will send you here. Has Picture C-3, Skill:Magic Art 1, and Course Armor 2

ABBBBB- Warrior Ring

ABCDEF - 2 Seirogan 3. Restocked every time the floor is reloaded.

BAABBC - Two chests with junk, King's Clothes, 3 Power Potato Chip

BBBBBB - Five chests, each of which may be empty or can contain a Seirogan, Seirogan 3, Manga Meat, Critical Watermelon or Accuracy Feather. These chests are refilled at random every time the floor is reloaded.

BBCCDD - 20,000 Gold

BBCCEA - Girl's Photograph B

BCCCDA - Sweets and 50,000 Gold

BCFCDD - Magic:Healing

BFEEEA - Girl's Photograph A

CABCDE - Revival Coin

CBAFED - 5 Critical Watermelon and Miracle J

CCCCCC - 20,000 Gold

DBAFFF - Course Armor 3

DBBBEE - Hit Knife

DDDBBB - Blue Shield

EEEEEE - Naomi's Ring and 20,000 Gold

FEDCBA - Nothing, an empty room

FEECEF - 5 Revival Coin, 5 Power Potato Chip, and Arm Barrier

FFFFFF - An empty room.

Last 3 You have to get the Event with Diana First

FFFABC - Pheasant Boss. Diana give these after using the teleporter for the first time.

FFFCBA - Monkey Boss. Diana give these after using the teleporter for the first time.

FFFBAC - Dog Boss. Diana give these after using the teleporter for the first time.

After the three bosses, the path will lead to Manslayer Sword and Picture C-4.

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