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Toushin Toshi 2:SSG
Toushin Toshi 2 - banner
General info
Game mechanics
Tournament Walkthrough
Post-Tournament Walkthrough
Spoiler free Walktrough
Gal Monsters
Toushin Toshi 2:SSG

Start of post tournament arc Edit

  • You get special options when talking to Anna depending on how high your sin is. These commands seem to be available only once a day (the first time you talk to her when you wake up). Reloading the map may allow you to access the commands again.
    • 21 sin or higher : You can get Anna to masturbate for a H-scene
    • 31 sin or higher : You can fuck Anna for a H-scene
    • 41 sin or higher : If you have found the tentacle vibrator, you can make Anna use it for a H-scene
  • Adjust your equip and go down to talk to Apros. None of the rooms you can access contain anything interesting. The rooms on the 2nd floor cannot be opened, even in the end game, except for Gentobu's room, which opens randomly and allows you to access a H-scene.
    • For the room to open, you must first talk to Nozomi. She is located in one of the western rooms off the middle corridor.
    • Gentobu's room should be open now, you may need to leave the mansion and come back.
    • Go to the dungeon and come back, Nozomi will now be in one of the eastern rooms on the ground floor.
    • Nozomi will ask you to find a key, investigate the wooden chest NE of her.
    • Talk to Nozomi again for a H-scene.
    • After this scene, you can get a second H-scene if Nozomi randomly appears in the middle of the bottom-right room, but only if you have exactly 0 sin.
  • Leave the mansion at the bottom of the ground floor by using the investigate command. You can now take things for free from the item shop, but exp and SP sources can no longer be purchased. There is no penalty for taking items for free, and being able to take healing items for free saves time backtracking to healing tiles.
  • Head to Ragnard's dungeon where Kurzweil will bring you to the 28F. You still have the max amount of gold, so I would recommend going back to 3F to buy something from the hannies there to eventually get the Haniwa sword.
  • Starting from level 31, bomb rocks can appear on any floor of a dungeon (1/60 chance of happening). You can choose to either run away or to challenge it. The possible options when challenging it are :
    • Petit Hanny : It will blow up after it takes 5 hits. damage is equal to a 1,280 attack that cannot miss. It has about 500-5,000 hp and you cannot run from this battle. It gives very little exp and experience. The Haniwa sword makes killing them very easy. Gal monsters will make it explode faster as their attacks count towards the 5 attack limit.
      • 50% chance of getting this.
    • Champagne : A demon who raises the stat of your choice. 1/12 chance of occuring.
    • Presenter : A demon who cuts your money in half.
    • Plum's Ghost : A weak enemy that gives the exact amount experience needed to reach your next level. E.G. If you are at 10,000/20,000, you will get 20,000 exp.
    • Rum : A Gal monster who will delevel you and then run away. Can be caught if you have :
      • Have a Gal monster with you
      • Are level 24,32,40,48,56, and maybe 64. Can also capture her without a Gal Monster if you are level 121 or higher. Then find her and you will auto capture her. She replaces your gal monster.
      • You can sell her to the char shop for 10,000 gold and buy her for your house for 14,000 gold. But she does nothing in combat.
    • Whiskey : A demon who steals all your current exp.
    • Great Purin (Stats scale with yours)
      • HP = Your max hp
      • DEF = Your base DEF + (right hand equipment DEF x1.1) + (left hand equipment DEF x1.1) + (armor defense force x1.1) + ring defense force
      • EVA = Your base EVA + equipment EVA
      • RES = Your base res + equipment RES
      • Punch attack force = Your base ATT + right hand equipment ATT + ring ATT
      • Punch ACC = Your base ACC + right hand equipment ACC + hit modification of ring
        • If your right hand is either bare handed or has a shield (except for the battle shield), then Great Purin's ATT and ACC is treated as 0.
      • Punch crit = Your base crit
      • Punch attack attribute = normal
      • EXP = Your current exp / 10
      • GOLD = Your current gold / 20
  • There is a random chance to encounter the nurse outside the colloseum, if you are at least level 40, you can get a H-Scene with her. Afterwards, you need to buy the Old Man V from the thieve's shop on 2F, then go back to the colloseum to look for her. There is no reward for this however.

28F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Vevetar
      • Resist fire and dark
      • Weak vs light
    • Marty Suzuki
      • Resist ice and light
      • Weak vs lightning
      • 10% chance to be Marty Suzuki mk2 with no weaknesses instead
    • Triple Hanny
      • Resist lightning
      • Weak vs light
    • Hands
      • Weak vs ice and lightning
    • Together with Puppet
      • Resist ice
      • Weak vs fire and dark
    • Nyoo
      • Only appears in the city
      • Resist light and dark
      • Weak vs ice
    • Maou
      • 4,700 hp, 0 DEF, 70 EVA, 200 RES
      • Can heal self for 100 hp
  • There is a summon door directly south of the entrance, it is very dangerous, leave it alone for now.
  • To the west, you can get piko hammers for free. This will also let you retrieve any items you missed on previous floors that were blocked by Sekitoris.
  • After a while, you will be forced to leave the dungeon due to rejection and be returend to the Toushin Mansion. This will happen at regular intervals from now on.
  • Using the free piko hammers, smash your way through the sekitori maze to reach the city entrance. After you do that, the NPCs giving you free piko hammers will dissapear, although you can buy new ones in the city itself. The maze's colored sekitoris will also dissapear after you reload the map.
  • The dancing cat in the NW corner of the city gives you free heals.
  • You can sell whales from 3F to the chef in the SW corner for 10,000 gold each.
  • Get a plum kombu from the plum master and give it to Arcy the fortune teller, then talk to the bloomers sect priest. Find the bloomers girl in the SE corner of the city and bring he back to the bloomers priest.
    • Note : Giving the plum kumbus to Arcy before you talk to her and she says that she can tell your fortune will cause the plum kombu to be wasted. You have to talk to her first at least once before giving her a plum kombu.
  • Give another plum to Arcy to get another quest. You will have to fight a transparent monster that can evade all physical attacks, so use magic. You will get a key to the Riddle King, in the SW house of the city.
    • The chance to win the riddle contest is very low, you just have to keep talking to him till you win. The only reward is a manga meat though, so don't bother.
  • Give another plum to Arcy and this time you have to fight the demon king, which is a boss fight.
  • Give another plum to Arcy, then talk to Gentobu. Gentobu will blow up a hole in the city wall. Sekitori will then invade the city, but they aren't much of a nuisance as you can just walk around them.
    • Warning : Once you do this, most of the NPCs start panicking. You can still buy stuff from the shopkeeper in town, but you will no longer be able to sell whales to the chef.
    • There is no reward or change for destroying all the Sekitoris in the city, and all the Sekitoris respawn after you reload the map, including the one stuck in the south gate. There does not appear to be anything you can do with the black Sekitori either.
  • Go to the gate where a blue Sekitori is stuck, and kill it with a hammer. You can now proceed to the 29F entrance in the NW corner of the map.
  • After exiting the city to the south, head to the east edge of the map. The envelope D-2 is located there, in a corner next to the pond.
  • Envelope D-3 is located outside the city wall, to the NE of the south gate and the black Sekitori. It is directly north of one of the edges of the city wall with the 4 colored Sekitori icons.
  • Envelope D-4 is located in the extreme NE corner of the map.
  • Afterwards, Apros will offer you a reward. The options are :
    • New woman (adds Border's partner, Rachel, to the H-scene cycles when you take the medicine. May take a while to show up. Seed does not recognize her however.)
    • Gold (gives you the max amount of gold)
    • Dual wield skill (lets you dual wield weapons), roughly doubling your melee attack power.
    • Mercy attack 2 (your mercy attack can now do up to 50 damage)
    • Crystal ring (doubles your magic power, has a 2% chance to increase your sin by 1 per combat)
      • This is probably the most powerful option for now. Taking advantage of elemental weaknesses almost always does more damage than attacking normally with swords, except against enemies with very high DEF/EVA or bosses who typically have no elemental weaknesses to exploit.
    • You will get to choose from the remaining options on this list after clearing each additional floor.
  • You will also now be able to pay Pluepet 2500 gold to have sex with Rebecca to reduce your sins by 8 each time. They can be found in one of the eastern rooms on the ground floor of the mansion.

29F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Nasty
      • Resist fire
      • Dislikes light, after transforming, Weak vs light
    • Pressure
      • Resist fire, ice and lightning
      • Weak vs light and dark
    • Green/Blue lesser oni
      • Weak vs light
    • Frog Girl Warrior
      • Dislike fire
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Doraku Oni
      • Resist ice
      • Weak vs fire and dark
    • Ganki
      • Weak vs ice and lightning
    • Powder Washer
      • Resist fire, ice and light
      • Weak vs dark
    • Ripen
      • DEF > RES
      • Resist lightning and light
    • Tenkouki
      • Weak vs dark
    • Crystal Earl
      • Immune to everything except normal
  • Follow the path south till you find Kurzweil. West of Kurzweil is a chest containing the S hammer, which is used to destroy stakes 1 tile away. The goal is to destroy stakes in the river, freeing up rafts that will float downstream (to the west side), forming a bridge that you can use to cross the river. Note that you do not necessarily want to stand on the rafts when destroying the stakes, as you will be carried downstream with it.
    • Envelope D-5 is located in a side passage to the west of the chest containing the S Hammer.
  • Destroy the stakes in the river till you can reach the A key which is lying in the water. You can now get past the door to the east of Kurzweil.
  • Go through the A key door and destroy the stakes in the river, you can now reach the B key on the island to the west. There is an invisible bridge to the north leading to a chest with a return wood if you are stuck here.
  • Use a return wood to exit the dungeon and go back to 29F. You can now open the door to the east of the entry stairs with the B key.
  • Tenkouki is blocking the corridor to the east, so fight your way past him.
  • Keep going east, you will find a chest with the Iceberg sword (+158 ATT, +18 ACC) and the angel LabelCase. Talking to her will cause her to run away to a corner on the east side of the map. Talking to her there will cause her to run away to the NW corner of the map. After cornering her in the NW corner of the map, you can either choose to let her go or fuck her to get fire immunity and +10 sin.
  • SE of the chest with the Iceberg sword is a chest with the Recovery armor (20 DEF, -5 EVA, heals 20 hp per combat turn)
  • South of the Iceberg sword is a chest with the L Hammer, which can destroy stakes 2 tiles away.
  • Go east from the chest with the L hammer, then destroy the two stakes here.
  • You can now cross the bridge to the SW portion of the map. An oni will scam you into buying a raft, which will allow you to head east.
  • Near the oni is a switch, there are multiple switches throughout this floor and you need to step on them at least once to build the eastern bridge that will allow you to cross the river without needing to build the bridge each time you return to this floor. Stepping on them multiple things is unnecessary and seems to do nothing.
    • One of the switches will also build a bridge to allow you to reach the exit to 30F. If you teleport to 30F and try to come back this way, the bridge will be uncompleted because you have not stepped on the switch yet. You do not need to step on the other switches each time to complete the eastern bridge though.
  • South of the oni is a chest with 10,000 gold.
  • Keep going east till you meet Tenkouki. You have the option to persuade or fight him. Choosing the fight option does nothing, if you try to persuade him, he will demand that you fish up a banana for him. There is a fishing shop to the west, you will have to keep trying many times to get the banana, but after giving him the banana, he won't accept it and will call you an idiot.
    • Mage Knight route : Craia will appear and persuade Tenkouki to let you pass.
    • Haniwa Crusader route : The chest north of Tenkouki will now contain a trusting heart, give it to Tenkouki and he will now trust you.
  • The girl for the D series of photos is located to the east, after getting past Tenkouki.
  • There is a save point in the SE of the map
  • The exit to 30F is in the SW corner of the map.

30F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Blue Goekaki
      • DEF > RES
      • Resist ice
      • Weak vs fire
    • Black Goekaki
      • DEF > RES
      • Resist ice and lightning
      • Weak vs light
    • Field Lynx
      • Resist ice
      • Weak vs fire
    • Rolling Thunder
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs ice and light
    • Taiki
      • Resist fire and ice
      • Weak vs light
    • Goki
      • Immune vs normal
      • Resist dark
      • Weak vs light
    • Pikoe Chan
      • Resist light
      • Weak vs ice
    • Goebbels
      • Weak vs fire
    • Yellow Lesser Oni
      • Resist fire
      • Weak vs dark
    • Himmler
      • Regeneration 10
      • Weak vs light and dark
    • Kaiju Prince
      • 50,000 hp, 80 DEF, 60 EVA, 80 RES
      • Regeneration 5
      • Naomi's shield's specail ability does not work
      • Often runs away, but hp does not reset after each fight
      • Does not respawn if killed
      • Drops the alice sword when both Kaiju Princess and Kaiju princess are defeated
        • Will not drop the sword if Kaiju prince is defeated first and Kaiju princess captured. To avoid this happening, capture Kaiju princess first then defeat Kaiju prince.
    • Kaiju Princess
      • 30,000 hp, 70 DEF, 60 EVA, 70 RES
      • Regeneration 5
      • Naomi's shield's specail ability does not work
      • Often runs away, but hp does not reset after each fight
      • Does not respawn if killed
      • Drops the alice sword when both Kaiju Princess and Kaiju princess are defeated
        • Will not drop the sword if Kaiju prince is defeated first and Kaiju princess captured. To avoid this happening, capture Kaiju princess first then defeat Kaiju prince.
    • Angel Knight
      • 80 DEF, 100 EVA, 80 RES
    • Hasaera Rabbi
      • 2,280 hp, 80 DEF, 100 EVA, 90 RES
    • Suzakuki
      • 23,760 hp, 160 DEF, 100 EVA, 124 RES
      • Resist light and dark
      • 1,470 ATT, 2,000 ACC, normal attribute
      • 1,700 ATT, magic, light attribute
      • Immune to the Naomi's shield special ability

Start of 30F Edit

  • Fight the oni on the pedestral once. He will revive afterwards.
  • The angel Hasaera Rabi is located randomly on the map.
    • If you talk to her without having killed any of the Goekakis, she will just tell you to leave and teleport away.
    • Otherwise, talking to her once will cause her to summon a Goebbels to fight you, and then she will teleport away to a random part of the map. It may be difficult to find her again as she will not appear as red dots on the map until you get close to her again.
    • Reloading the map is the fastest way to find her again.
    • She has several angel knight NPCs near her that will dissapear everytime you reload the map and she moves to another location. The angel knight NPCs will stop appearing after she leaves the map for good, but will respawn on 32F.
    • Talk to her againshe will summon another Goebbels and teleport away.
    • Talk to her again and you will fight her. After defeating her, you can either fuck her to get a auto recovery skill (recover half of your current level in hp for every turn of combat) and +10 sin, or let her go. You will then find out how to deal with the 4 onis on this map.
    • You cannot capture Hasaera Rabi.
    • If you want to capture an Angel Knight on this floor, you have to do it before defeating Hasaera Rabi or no more will appear on this floor.
  • After finding out how to deal with the 4 onis, return to the mansion. Kurzweil will be on the ground floor, in the main hallway. Ask for his help.
    • Don't bother asking Toushin Crank, he has no unique dialogue for this.
  • Head to Ragnard's dungeon, you will find Gentobu outside and get his help.
  • Head to 29F and get Tenkouki's help, do not go to 30F and try to backtrack as the bridges will not be completed due to the switches. Oddly enough, you cannot use the jump skill to jump across the bridges. You can skip the raft segment by going through the B door and to the eastern side of the map.
  • Go back to 30F and fight the oni in the SW corner of the map. The black pyramid will now appear in the center of the map (NE of your position) and the map will reset.

Black Pyramid Edit

  • The scorpions do nothing but sting you when you investigate them.
  • The boss Suzakuki is blocking the middle hallway. He has about 1,500 attack and 30,000 hp. Beating him without cheating at this point is extremely unlikey. You will need to pay the doors to bypass him.
  • To the east, you can find a chair blocking a hallway. Try sitting on it and the chair will ask for a Captain Vanilla gal monster to be brought to it. You will lose the gal monster however.
    • Directly behind the chair are four Plum's Ghosts that give you the exact amount of exp you need to level up. E.G. If you have 20,000/30,000 exp, they will give you 30,000 xp when you defeat them. You may want to save them till you hit the exp cap to level up (65,535 exp for the next level up), around level 65 before using them.
  • Envelope E-1 is located in the east
  • The MX blade is located in the west
    • ATT = 150 + (total defeated enemies / 100), 33 SP, -30 ACC
  • Envelope E-2 is located in west, behind some doors that require a 1,000 gold fee to open
  • The tentacle vibrator can also be found in the west, behind a pay door door. If you have at least 41 sin, you can make Anna use it for a H-scene.
  • In the northern most room, behind a pay door, are two manga meats and a chest containing Naomi's armor (+70 DEF)
  • Envelope E-5 is located in the room to the east of the exit stairs, you will need to defeat Suzakuki or pay the doors to gain access to this area.
  • The fire laser spell can be found in the eastern most room after paying several doors.
  • The exit to 31F is also behind several pay doors.

31F Edit

  • Monsters
    • Souki has high DEF, low RES and dislike fire
    • Touki has low DEF, high RES and dislike fire, lightning and dark
    • Genji has high DEF, low RES and dislikes light
    • Conte immune vs normal, dislikes fire and ice, weak vs light
    • Black Lesser Oni has high DEF, low RES and fatal vs light
    • Black Eye immune to everything except normal
    • Kotodama has very high RES, null vs normal, ice and lightning, dislikes fire
      • Near Kurzweil, you can encounter the boss monster Gogo. It dislikes dark, but has 50,000 hp is almost impossible to defeat without cheating. If you do defeat it, Kurzweil simply dissapears with no further dialogue.
    • Love Me Tender
      • 4,500 hp, 0 DEF, 0 EVA, 0 RES
      • Regeneration 20
      • Can increase it's attack or increase your max hp by 3
  • North of the stairs, you can find another of the photograph girls standing in line. The NPC infront of her will give you 1,000 gold when spoken to, and Diana is at the head of the line. She will give you the password to get past the mysterious statue on 1F of the qualification dungeon.
    • The room contains chests with the Onislayer Sword (+101 ATT, Attribute Oni), the Crab Shield (+33 DEF, +25 EVA, allows you to get triple gold from enemies except for treasure lumps), the Padded Kimono Suit (+50 DEF, Attribute Ice), a power potato chip and 20,000 gold.
  • South of the stairs is Envelope E-3
  • Envelope F-2 is located SW of the entry stairs
  • Envelope F-3 is located in the NW corner of the map, you need to cross the river to get access to it.
  • Kurzweil is to the west of the stairs and Gentobu is to the east. Attempting to walk to the north will cause Gogo to appear and stop you.
    • Gogo has 50,000 hp, 100 DEF/RES, dislikes dark and has 450 attack. Although it says that he breathes fire, his attacks are normal attribute. He can increase his number of attacks every turn to an infinite amount. The best way to beat him is to equip two shields for maximum defence, get about 450 DEF in total to minimize the damage you take, equip the crystal ring and use the Black Wave spell to kill him. You probably need to be at least level 80 to do this.
    • If you defeat Gogo first before getting the deceased card, you will not be able to get the deceased card as you cannot fight the Green Oni.
  • West of the stairs, there is a Green Oni watching a girl who is forced to pile up rocks as punishment for committing suicide. Talk to both Kurzweil and Gentobu, then talk to the Oni.
  • Talk to the girl and the Oni will knock over the stones to stop her from completing them. Talk to the Oni again to fight him. Then talk to the girl, and she will give you a deceased card.
  • Give the ferryman the cad and tell him your name is Karen and you will be able to proceed to 32F.
    • Telling him any other name does nothing.
  • South of the stairs, you will eventually find a golden oni guarding some plum ghosts.
    • He has 30,000 hp, 450 attack, 2,000 accuracy and 6 attacks a turn
  • In the SE corner of the map, you can find four sanma monks maintaining a barrier around Love Me Tender. If you talk to any of the monks enough times, you will distract him and the barrier will collaspe.
    • Love Me Tender has 5,000 hp, no DEF or RES, very high accuracy and can randomly increase your max hp by 3.
  • Envelope E-4 can be found in the NE corner of the map, the easiest way to get there is to teleport to 32F then go back up the stairs.
    • You can also take this chance to get the two manga meats that Gogo normally prevents you from getting.

32F Edit

  • Monsters
      • DEF > RES
      • Weak vs fire
    • Sakaki
      • DEF < RES
      • Weak vs light, dislike dark
    • Red Lesser Oni
      • DEF < RES
      • Weak vs lightning
    • Pallucco
      • 0 DEF
      • Immune to normal
    • Hammer Karn
      • DEF > RES
      • Weak vs ice and dark
    • Kaminagahime
      • DEF > RES
      • Dislikes fire
      • Resist ice, lightning, light
      • Immune to dark
    • Object
      • DEF < RES
      • Dislikes lightning and light
      • Weak vs dark
    • Bug
      • 0 DEF/RES
      • Resist fire/ice
      • Immune to lightning
  • The Snow Laser spell can be found in a chest to the east.
  • The room to the east of the chest containing the Snow Laser Spell has a protect apple.
  • NW is the angel Kusenkera that you can fuck to consume, and a computer that you can't use yet. This room also has a save point.
    • Fucking the angel gives you +10 sin and doubles your SP.
  • At certain points if you step onto a blue tile, you will be teleported to a room with the letters BCF visible on the minimap. To get out, you can step on a white teleport tile which will either teleport you back to 32F or out of the dungeon.
  • Hakuinkyouki will stop you if you try to go to the south, if you ignore her, she will shoot an arrow that kills you instantly.
  • Go to the bottom right blue tile, it will teleport you to an area with the letters CDD visible on the minimap.
  • The bottom left white teleproter here will teleport you back to 32F, where you can meet Kurzweil. The bottom right white teleporter will teleport you out of the dungeon.
  • Kurzweil will give you the heaven card that lets you bypass the blue tiles that teleport intruders.
  • In the NW corner of the map is a room with a chest containing a critical watermelon.
  • East of Kurzweil is an angel knight NPC. Directly behind her is a false wall that lets you walk through. Past the false wall are two chests containing the Magic Art 2 and Sword Art 2 skills.
  • South of Kurzweil is a blue tile and the pebble monster that can turn you to stone. Equip the mirror shield and talk to it. Kurzweil will dissapear after the monster is killed.
    • If you do not kill the monster to save Kurzweil, you will not be able to use the elevator.
  • In a NE room past a blue tile is the F-1 envelope.
  • In the NE, there is a corridor with an angel knight blocking it. Past her is a chest containing the recovery ring (+10 hp per combat turn
  • In the SW, you will eventually find a Dullapei guarding a room. The angel Serabarla F is in the room. She will kill you instantly with the Soul Death Wave Motion Gun if you walk straight towards her, to avoid it, move to the side of the room. She will fire and miss.
    • If you fuck her, you get +10 sin and 2 more level up points per level. Whether or not you fuck her, you will get the manager angel skill which lets you get past Hakuinkyouki.
  • South of Dullapei is a room containing 3 chests, which has 10,000 gold, Ryukakusan x30 and an Indulgence.
  • South of Dullapei is also another angel knight NPC blocking a corridor which leads to a chest containing the magic hater shield.
    • If you have all shields collected at this point, go to the shield equip screen and a fairy will give you +20 RES.
  • Hakuinkyouki will let you pass now, if you talk to her though, she will still attack you.
    • 6,000 hp, DEF > RES, 4 attacks, resist light and dark, 450 attack, has a charge up attack with 1,000 attack
    • Is an oni and can be easily killed with the onislayer sword.
    • Past her is another false wall leading to a chest with a manga meat.
  • There are several rooms with angel knight NPCs blocking the way. The angel Pachikar is in one of the rooms and you can choose to fuck her.
    • If you choose to make her give you a blowjob but keep the promise not to fuck her, you still get +5 sin.
    • If you break the promise, you will get +10 sin and recover a large amount of SP each combat turn
    • Either way, you can now use any computer on this floor to find out how to use the elevator and get to Dellas
  • Envelope F-4 is in the room south of where Pachikar is
  • Envelope F-5 is in the SW corner of the map. You need to reload the map after obtaining envelope F-4 to get envelope F-5 to appear.

67F Edit

  • Monsters
    • White Lesser Oni
      • 0 RES
      • Immune to fire, ice, lightning
    • Genki
      • DEF < RES
      • Dislike ice, immune to lightning
    • Valkyrie
      • DEF > RES, 500 EVA
      • Immune to everything except normal
      • You will probably need the hit knife to hit it
    • Chikvon
      • DEF < RES
      • Resist light and dark
      • Not an oni
    • Kamikaze
      • DEF = RES
    • Stone Guardian
      • DEF < RES
  • The map is pretty linear, at certain points you will have to fight Chikvon, a monster that will forward time for a few days everytime you fight him.
  • Dellas is in the SW corner of the map, there is also a savepoint in that area. After rescueing Dellas, you will no longer be able to explore the dungeon normally or go to any of the locations in town, so be prepared.
  • You will have to fight 4 Jingoutenkis in a row with 5,000 hp each after you investigate Dellas' cell door. Make sure to be fully healed before the fight.

Escape arc Edit

  • After the cutscene, you will be given the option to fight or run away. Even if you choose to fight, there is an infinite number of enemies, so you are forced to run away.
  • After this point, Hazuki will replace any captured gal monster you might have had with you.
  • After entering the dungeon, you will find Kurzweil blocking the teleport fairy but he chooses not to attack you. The Haniwa sect is no help and there is no unique dialog with them in any case, so head down to 1F via the stairs.
  • After heading down to 1F, Gentobu will show up to block the stairs. Talking to Gentobu is an immediately game over, you are not given the chance to fight back. The same applies if you choose to talk to Gentobu at any time during the escape.
  • Hazuki will eventually give you the Mizuhara sword and transfer the Mizuhara Heaven Sword skill to you, the Mizuhara sword is the most powerful sword in the game, and the Heaven Sword is the most powerful skill in the game as well.
    • If you have all swords in the game collected, head to the sword equip screen to get the +20 attack fairy bonus.
  • On 6F, make use of the save point and head for 7F. You will get the angel reaction along the way, and have the option of taking the medicine or trying to withstand the pain. Trying to withstand the pain will cause you to lose a level and stats. Taking the medicine will give you a H-Scene with Hazuki.
  • On 7F, you will be captured by an army of Oni and be forced to meet with the Oni king. If you committed every possible sin in the game, you will get an immediate game over. If not, you will be asked you to capture Dellas and kill Apros.
  • You are then teleported back to 0F of the dungeon. Most of the dungeon is now blocked by several Oni, and there is a savepoint here.
  • After heading to the main square, you will be attacked by Gentobu.
    • Monk Funnels : 2,500 hp, 50 DEF, 0 RES, 200 EVA, 340 attack.
  • You will need to find Gentobu by investigating the town locations. Every time you fail to find Gentobu, you will be attacked by Monk Funnels with the same stats as above. You will probably have to fight the Monk Funnels several times before finding him.
    • Gentobu : 1,800 hp, 446 DEF, 279 RES, 380-390 attack
  • After defeating Gentobu, you can head back to Ragnard's dungeon to save. You can also head to your land or the Toushin Mansion.

Toushin Mansion Edit

  • Monsters
    • Hitler
      • DEF < RES
      • Resist normal
      • Dislikes fire, lightning
    • Apros' servant
      • DEF > RES
      • Resist fire
      • Dislikes ice, lightning
    • Phantasm S
      • 370 DEF, 0 RES
      • Resist ice, lightning
    • Super Hanny
      • DEF < RES
    • Cycloknight GR
      • DEF < RES
      • Dislikes lightning
    • Cute Q
      • DEF = RES
      • Weak vs light and dark
    • The Toushin Mansion now functions as a dungeon floor complete with random monter encounters, including bomb rocks. Some of Apros' servants can be talked to, after which they will attack. These stationery ones will drop a special item after defeating them (manga meat, stat boosting items, revival coins, etc).
    • Kurzweil will be blocking the entrance to the throne room and he will ask you to fight him, but there is no option to do so.
    • You cannot climb the stairs to the second floor.
    • After experience rejection here, your minimap will temporarily reset to an unexplored state until you fight a battle. This will happen everytime you experience rejection here.
    • One of Apros' servants north of the room where Serena gave you the medicine is holding the purple bird key. Open the room west to him with the key to find Kurzweil's wife.
    • The way to the throne room is now clear and you can fight Apros.
      • 7,200 hp, regenerates 50 hp per turn, 30 DEF, 120 RES
      • Attack ranges from 500-1000
      • Can lower your RES by 50%
    • The medicine room where Serena gave you the medicine cannot be unlocked.
    • After obtaining the prison keys from Apros, head to the prison.

Prison Edit

  • You can open the prison doors to rescue the girls in there, but this doesn't make much of a difference. You can also shake the prison doors to use them as summon doors.
  • When you reach Dellas, you can watch him absorb three angels for three additional H-Scenes, or you can choose to fight immediatley. Dellas powers up after absorbing each angel.
  • You cannot use the monster ring to analyze Dellas or any of the fairies.
  • Dellas and the fairies have very low accuracy, but Dellas has very high attack.
  • You have to get rid of the three fairies first to fight Dellas properly.
    • Maki : casts attack spells, but they do very little damage. She grants Dellas and the other fairies magic immunity while she is alive.
      • 10,000 hp, immune to magic.
    • Yuki : Heals either Dellas or one of the fairies, can also revive the other fairies when killed
      • Approximately 11,000 hp
    • Miki : attacks with a sword, has very low attack. She grants Dellas and the other fairies immunity to normal attacks while she is alive.
      • 10,000 hp, very high DEF.
  • The only fairies you can attack at first are Maki and Miki. Killing either will allow you to defeat Yuki and prevent her from healing or reviving the other fairies.
    • However, it's impossible to kill Maki as Yuki will heal her for a very large amount of health every turn. She is also very resistant to normal attacks. Therefore you need to kill Miki first, then Yuki, then Maki. You can then attack Dellas with normal attacks and skills.
  • Dellas has 13,245 hp.
  • After beating Dellas, you have finished the game.

Summon Doors Edit

  • These are potentailly very dangerous as you will trigger a boss fight tha you cannot run away from.
  • Possible boss enemies :
    • Old Man Miyuki
      • 5,000 hp, 400 DEF, 0 RES
      • Attacks do little damage, use magic and it will be an easy fight.
    • Leazas General Barres
      • 2,000 hp, has very low DEF and RES. Does not attack.
    • Gourmet
      • Does a lot of damage.
    • Brutal King Rance
      • 10,000 hp, regenerates 100 hp per turn, 320 DEF, 500 RES,
      • Has 1,500+ attack
    • Gorou Endou
      • 15,000 hp, 400 DEF, 0 RES
      • Yankee punch has 800 attack and 800 accuracy, but his staff attack has 0 accuracy
    • Helman's Prince Patton
      • 8000 hp, 220 DEF, 150 res, 1,700 - 1,900 attack
  • If you summon Martis, he will teleport you to a secret map. There are no random enemies here, but crystals will spawn Larva when you investigate them.
    • Larva have 5,000 hp and resist light and dark. It has 800+ attack.

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