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Game mechanics
Skills (技能)
Buff materials (付与素材)
Items (アイテム)
Walkthrough Part 1 (攻略)
Walkthrough Part 2 (攻略)
Walkthrough Part 3 (攻略)
Side quests & optional events
Dungeons (迷宮)
Misc notes

Map Edit

Toushin Toshi 3 - Dungeon First

Items Edit

Yellow marks
  • 1 - There is some gold hidden in the wall

Enemies Edit

Normal enemies
Name Ja Name Atk Type Alignment Min HP Max HP Gold Notes
Puryo ぷりょ Physical Ice 92 108 42 HP regenerates by 1 per tick
Mageman メイジマン Magic Light 97 117 42
Rover ローバー Magic Light 108 126 45
Green Hanny グリーンハニー Physical None 121 139 45 Magic immunity.
Hanny Flash attack ignores defense.
Attack type breakdown
  • Physical: 37.5%
  • Magical: 50%
  • Hanny Flash: 12.5%
Alignment breakdown
  • Light - 50%
  • Ice - 25%
  • None - 25%

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