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This page lists side quests, optional events and CGs that might be skipped/neglected when going through the game.

Dream Tent Edit

Mabil Dungeon level Showcase Row (2nd level)
After winning first, second, and third rounds.
  • Pay 300g to see a dream with the partner of the Toushin contestant you defeated.
  • After you've seen all 3 the tent's owner will gone, so no event for Azami.

Okayu Fever Tent Edit

Mabil Dungeon level Showcase Row (2nd level)
Part 1/Part 2 (different scenes)
  • Pay 880g to see a princess being H-ed by an Okayu Fever (Part 1)
  • In part 2, you can pay to watch a different H-scene in the same tent.

Delusional Dreams Edit

Mabil Dungeon level Mayuiga
Mabil Dungeon level Namaniku
Part 1
  • In both of the listed dungeons, step on the spiderwebs near the end repeatedly to receive a scene for Remedia and Hazumi respectively
  • Note that you will be reduced to a very low HP after the scenes.

The Stairs that were Broken Edit

Mabil Dungeon level Mud World (6th level)
Starting day 9 of part 2
  • The stairs that were broken have been fixed so you can now climb up normally.

Save the Museum! Edit

Mabil Dungeon level Hans & Panz (20th level)
Part 2
  • The black vortex near the entrance gives you the sidequest. The strange man in it will ask you to collect the costumes that he lost.
    • Monsters (in any dungeon) will now drop the costumes randomly. If you are already in possession of one, no additional costumes will drop for you. So return to the man periodically to get a H-scene and to free up your item slot for the next costume.
    • There are a total of 5 costumes, each can be recovered twice.
    • Once you have given him all 5 costumes twice (10 times total), visit the bunnygirl at the Totocalcio for her 3rd CG.
    • Make sure to complete this sidequest before the last Toushin match in part 2, you won't have an opportunity to get them later

Angelica H-scenes Edit

Town/Mabil Dungeon level Showcase Row (for last part)
Starting day 9 of part 2, before the end of part 2
  • Fight 20 battles (anywhere is fine) and then visit the Toushin District, the Town Square or the Totocalcio (seems to depend on the day). Her butler should invite you to her for a H-scene. Accept the request.
  • Wait a day (or longer), fight 20 battles again and then visit those areas again for another invitation and H-scene.
  • Wait another day and fight 20 more battles and do the same thing. This time, the Butler will tell you she's been captured.
  • Go to Showcase Row and one of the tents should give you the remaining CGs/H-scene.
  • This is another long sidequest you should complete before the end of Part 2.

Dina H-scene Edit

Mabil Dungeon level Holy Land Maosepon
Starting day 10/16 of part 2
  • From day 10 of part 2 onwards, you may visit Alcatraz when it is greyed out (i.e when there's no plot scenes) to randomly meet Dina on certain days. She will tell you to kill a particular Anton in Holy Land Maosepon
  • The dungeon itself opens up on Day 16, and if you have talked to her, there should be an Anton spawned in the middle of the dungeon. Kill it.
  • Visit Alcatraz again for confirmation from Dina.
  • After that, visit Alcatraz one last time for the H-scene. If you are unable to get it now, wait for the next day and then try again.

Marude H-scene Edit

Starting day 17 of part 2
  • On Day 17, simply visit the inn Katenai for the scene (even though it is greyed out).

Emuza H-scene Edit

Day 22 of part 2
  • On Day 22, Darisa will follow you at some point of time asking you to take her to her sister.
  • During this short period of time, visit the Town Square BEFORE you continue with the story. If you do not, you will miss this H-scene.

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