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Let's see...Toushin Zeta, huh?

—Rance, observing Zeta.

Japanese 闘神Ζ
Romanization tōshinΖ
Race Toushin
Sex Unknown
Status Deactivated
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect
Appeared in Rance VI


Zeta was the 6th Toushin to be constructed and his role in the Dark Lord War was prominent. 

He boasted great fame due to a tremendous 7-year battle he waged against Dark Lord Babolat. The longest battle in The Continent ended when the Toushin performed the ultimate suicide attack of the mages and exploding the mana battery of the Toushin. The attack killed Toushin Zeta but it was able to kill the Dark Lord as well, reducing him to a mere Demonic Blood Soul.

The victory over Dark Lord Babolat was an immense morale boost for supporters of the Holy Magic Sect, and greatly encouraged production of more Toushin to fight in the war.

In the current era, the remnants of Zeta are on display as a centerpiece in the Zeth Royal Museum, but can't be activated due to the loss of the Metal Mummy behind it.