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The H Supplies StoreEdit

There seems to be 8 items available for sale, although at the beginning of the game only 5 are shown.

The top left item is the condom. Can't insert your thingy to that place without this protection.

The second item on the top row, from the left, is "Fountain of Breed Horse", also known as the thing that increases your max LP by 15.

Third item on the top row, from the left, is some H drug. Very expensive. It's not available at the beginning of the game. It triggers a special H sequence for Kanae, after which point she won't train you anymore.

The bottom left item is a book that increases your Endurance by 10. (color coded too, green).

The second item on the bottem, from the left, is a book that increses your Technique by 10 (color, blue).

The third item on the bottom is a book that increases your Kindness by 10. The book's title is "Learn! The Kind Heart of Buddha". Funny how the kind heart of buddha helps you with H d-: (color, red).

The bottom-right item is some kind of pillow that gives you good dream.

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