The more Haruka sells, the more Alicesoft will be interested in releasing their games in the western market, so buy Haruka! BUY HARUKA.

—Maria, "betraying" the fanbase upon the announcement of Beat Blades Haruka.


Tulip Goddess Maria
, or just "Maria" as she's called by most people, is one of the official translators in charge of translating and bringing Alicesoft games to the west so that people that are incapable of playing the games in the original language get the opportunity of enjoying the products without having to learn a whole new language for it.

She's typically an optimistic and good-natured person that greatly enjoys Alicesoft's games and (presumably) wishes to translate their games so that as many people as possible can enjoy them.

History Translating Alicesoft GamesEdit

Once greatly beloved and respected among the western fanbase, she went on to become one of the most controversial individuals for the overall community after the reveal of certain decisions she made during 2015.

Initially, she appeared from elsewhere during a time where translations were sparse and translated several Rance classics such as Rance III, Rance IV and even the Rance 4.1, 4.2 games, and eventually picked up the most awaited Rance title, Rance Quest, as it was the direct sequel of the most popular Alicesoft game in the west. However, the lack of time for personal projects after beginning working as a professional translator for Mangagamer, coupled with the fact that the game has gigantic amounts of text, made her translation to go at an extremely slow pace. Despite this, her optimism and generally high spirited nature resulted in her receiving a large amount of support, with many understanding her translating pace and encouraging her project.

During 2015, however, she picked up an abandoned side-project of Rance 5D that another translator had left at roughly 40%, and began translating the small scripted game at a fast pace, leading people to believe that she would be able to release it soon. Unfortunately, in July 5th of 2015, Maria announced the "master plan" she had in mind for a while, where Alicesoft translations would be officially licensed by MangaGamer and Beat Blades Haruka was announced as their first game. However, this led to the translation of the long-awaited Rance VI and the recently hyped up Rance 5D to be put on hold until August 13th 2016.


The announcement of Beat Blades Haruka generated an opinion so negative of Maria it became a meme.

The biggest letdown for the fanbase was the feeling of betrayal many people received, as most felt that Maria downright lied to them by claiming that she was planning to release the translations, and actually admitted in a blog post that she wasn't going to release the translations because she intended the translations to be official. The subject has become a highly polemic and even sensitive subject among the western Alicesoft fan base. There's still some people who have developed a strong grudge against her, deeming her a liar to the point it's become a meme.

In contrast, Maria's switch to official translation had the benefits of drawing in a new set of Western consumers for the Alicesoft games and may promote relations around the export of traditionally Japanese game for Japanese to a wider consumer base. While some of the community initially railed about the expense and change in strategy; the change has the potential for long-term benefits.

At present she continues working as a translator for MangaGamer and continued with the translation of Rance Quest, which had made notable progress upon reaching over 60% completed.

Translated Projects from AlicesoftEdit