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Rolex performing his unique skill in Kichikuou Rance.

The Type-2 Soaring Wave is the signature technique of Rolex Gadras, the famed Demon Swordsman of Helman.

The technique consists of Rolex performing a downwards sweeping-motion with his swords to launch a massive wave of energy. Unlike similar moves, such as the Rance Attack, which focus on dealing a large amount of damage in a single attack, the Type-2 Soaring Wave has a forward momentum to it that causes it to travel one mile in front of Rolex before disappearing, hitting everything trapped inside of it continuously throughout. The amount of damage the wave causes surpasses the amount dealt by other similar moves, and is so immense that nearly everything caught within it is completely vaporized. It is for this reason that it is seen by many as being the most deadly sword technique in the world. However, as Rolex is a generally good-natured man, he avoids using it unless sufficiently angered.

Despite the wave's enormous power, it possesses a glaring flaw that is not shared by its counterparts. Like any other wave, it can be split if struck with enough force, causing it to shift in direction. As Rolex loses control over the wave immediately after launching it, there is nothing he can do to redirect it back toward its intended target. While this is hardly a problem against most opponents, Rick Addison, the Red Reaper of Leazas, was capable of dividing the attack in two with a single precise slash, completely nullifying the effects of the wave and allowing him to survive the attack unscathed.

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