Ugaki Sakura
Japanese 宇垣 さくら
Romanization ugaki sakura
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Minister of Foreign Affairs
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

Ugaki Sakura is in charge of The Empire of Japan's Foreign Affairs, and is one of it's leading diplomats. Ugaki Sakura resides on the Imperial Council alongside Yamashita Rikori, Tougou Tsuyoshi and Nekohira. While on the council, Sakura has the ability to influence The Empress of Japan Mikado's decisions

Ugaki Sakura is a stubborn man, and holds on strongly to traditional Japanese polocies. he is however, less stubborn than Yamashita Rikori when it comes to changing Japan for it's future. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sakura is also more willing to form alliances and accept offerings of peace.

Ugaki Sakura is capable of leading a fleet as an admiral. He is also less unhappy about Tougou Tsuyoshi being elected as Japan's Navy Minister than his peer Yamashita Rikori.

Voice Actor : Munekata Jin


Recruitment: Talk to him in event phase after the alliance with Germany/Dokutsu.

Command Points: 360

Skill: "Frontline Diplomacy" - If stationed at borders, the territory he's stationed at will be attacked less frequently by enemy countries.

Level 0

Laser + 20%
Aircraft - 80%
Aircraft - 80%
No Ship Allowed


  • Growth rate +2%
  • If defeated in combat, his arm will be replaced with a Cybernetic Arm
  • When his arm is replaced with a Cybernetic Arm, his Laser +20% slot changes into HP +20%
  • His trait will keep on changing if you keep killing him on battlefield. (First death - a cybernetic arm, Second death - 2 cybernetic arms, Third death - 2 cybernetics arms with a horn on his head and Fourth death - his whole body is replaced by big headed robot.)


  • Ugaki Sakura is possibly a parody Ugaki Matome, Ugaki Kazushige or both. Ugaki Matome was an admiral for the Imperial Japanese Navy throughout the events of World War II. Ugaki Kazushige was a General for the Imperial Japanese Army, who later became Japan's Foreign minister.