Sometimes called Hand-to-hand combat, it is a skill level that represents the talent and natural skill an individual has to perform fights without the use of any weapon, mostly relying in fists, kicks, and martial arts. Combat within close quarters is commonly termed close combat or close-quarters combat. 

While this skill might not look as impressive as other combat related skill, it has it's advantages. Fist fighters can provide a great damage to their opponents and have a very high accuracy rate, due to the difficulty of dodging or blocking attacks at such a close range. They tend to be fighters that are very tough and durable, since they stand in frontlines.

Due to the wide variety of martial arts, fighting styles of individuals with this skill level vary wildly. Those with a Lv2 or a Lv3 skill level tend to have better expertise with martial arts and use more complex and unconventional abilities.

Sub-skills of this skill level can include Pro Wrestling, Kenpo, Grapple and Jujutsu.

Known UsersEdit

Unarmed Combat Lv3Edit

Unarmed Combat Lv2Edit

Unarmed Combat Lv1Edit

Pro Wrestling Lv2Edit

Pro Wrestling Lv1Edit

Kenpo Lv2Edit

Jujutsu Lv2Edit

Jujutsu Lv1Edit

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