The Undead are savage presences that were created from former living beings. The process of death in The Continent extracts the Soul from the mortal's body and sends it to reincarnate in the Reincarnation Cycle, leaving the physical body behind as nothing but an empty shell. Due to its lack of a Soul, the body usually wears down and rots over time until it disappears, however, sometimes these dead bodies from those that passed away might be reanimated and brought back to life again, giving birth to what is known as an Undead. Barring extremely rare occassions the Undead lack a Soul, thus, are incapable of developing emotions, thoughts or personalities, acting only on instinct like Insects do. They are typically hostile and savage, which is why they are usually deemed as Monsters by humans despite the fact that they are not technically such, as they don't serve the Demon King in the Monster Realm. Within human society, the Undead are largely seen as the most unholy and wicked abominations since they were once regular people in the past. The AL Church thinks of the Undead as an ultimate symbol of sin and greatly encourages followers to purge them, being extremely diligent in their duty of banishing these savage creatures. In order to deal with them, specific spells of Divine Magic like "Purify" have been created in order to exterminate them. 

In battle, the undead can represent fairly tough enemies. While their decomposed bodies crumble with ease and they are unintelligent creatures, ending with their lives is typically a very arduous job and they lack feelings of pain or agony that would usually debilitate other living beings. Their biggest weakness is magic of the elements of light and fire, but the Purification spells created by the AL Church are the most effective of all, capable of instantly erasing Undead if the caster is powerful enough. The strength of the Undead varies wildly depending on who the person was in life. Powerful warriors or heroes make far stronger creatures than the average civillian and, while the lack any type of sentient thought, they still have the natural skills they possessed in life. It's not uncommon for Undead to attack in numbers, making them dangerous foes even for adventurers, and they should be dealt with caution.


Undead are created by making use of Death Magic, a hidden and dangerous type of magic that is considered taboo for humans. This magic can be learned by anyone with a high aptitude for magic, but in order to make use of it, one technically needs to be dead or having totally knowledge over the machinations of the process of death, making human practicioners of the art very rare. While they are naturally violent towards any living being, Undead would follow every command of the Necromancer that created them and are tied to their will. Strange abnormalities in the world that can also create Undead if the requirements are met. Sometimes, there are Ghosts that might go insane and become extremely hostile towards other living beings, but these are not technically Undead since they have a Soul, but they are usually labeled as such. There are also a few Guy Monsters like the Nubobo that shares similar properties to the Undead and are also catalogued within them, but they technically aren't either.

Types of UndeadEdit