United Students

The United Students (U.S.) is an organization established in SU 1 by the first U.S. Grand Chief. Its goal is to maintain law and order, helping Japan rebuild in place of the Japanese government that was destroyed with the appearance of the Demonic Hole. The U.S. also oversees the major organizations ruling various parts of Japan. While the U.S. cannot completely stop the fighting between organizations, it help keeping things under control.

After the assassination of the second U.S. Grand Chief, Himenomiya Gouhi (姫乃宮 轟火) in SU 9, the U.S. lost its grip over the other organizations. As of SU 10, Gouhi's sister Himenomiya Kaen (姫乃宮 華苑) acts as the Steward Grand Chief, trying to reinstate the U.S. over the other organizations.

The U.S. is primarily funded by the Himenomiya Group (formerly Himenomiya Heavy Indusries), and the U.S. is headquartered in the Himenomiya Academy, located in Oka Ya Ma.

History Edit

  • SU 1 - The U.S. founded by the first U.S. Grand Chief
  • SU 2 - The Grand Chief position is passed to Himenomiya Gouhi (姫乃宮 轟火)
  • SU 9
    • The second Grand Chief, Himenomiya Gouhi, was assassinated.
    • U.S. influence over the various organizations began to weaken.
    • Gouhi's sister, Himenomiya Kaen (姫乃宮 華苑), took over as the Steward Grand Chief, although that did little to reinstate the power and authority of the U.S. over the other organizations.

Notes Edit

The name 学生連合 ("gaku sei ren gou") is a pun of the United Nations ("goku sai ren gou", 国際連合), while the abbreviation 学連 ("gaku ren") is a pun of U.N. ("goku ren", 国連).

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