Japanese うっぴー
Romanization uppī
Race Insect
Sex Male
Class Monster
World The Continent
Strength Low-Medium
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03, Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance IX}}



An Uppi in Rance VI.

The Uppi (or Uppy) is one of the most common and famous creatures known in The ContinentHumans label them as monsters but they are actually Insects, creatures without Souls born from the Holy Beasts.

In appearance, they are somewhat similar to big red slugs with a huge hole as their mouth and two antenas. They are actually pretty adorable creatures and aren't naturally aggressive to humans or other creatures. They love sleeping and they enjoy spending most of their time doing so without bothering anyone else. Usually, they only fight if they are attacked in their sleep. 

They are incapable of communcation, being "Uppii" the only thing they say, which what gave them their name, so thet mostly act based on instincts and natural feelings. Since they are not hostile, and are pretty good-natured monsters, they are pretty easy to tame so they are seen fighting with humans sometimes, like in the Helman Armies.

In battle, they are not quite so powerful, but can still be fearsome, especially in big numbers. They have low movility and endurance, but they have pretty high magic power, mostly profficient with attacks of the element of Fire. Uppi can actually breath fire and survive in insanely high temperatures comfortably, and have the ability to shoot fire waves through their big mouths. This attack isn't too strong, but has a decent range and covers a big area, making them very dangerous when numerous.

Uppi are usually not considered threatening monsters by humans, due to their passive demeanour and appealing appearance, to the point they are even popular as toys for kids or games in parks. 

Kathryn from Evenicle has been studying Uppi in hopes of using them to power steam engines and (later) hot air balloons. She has a partially tamed Uppi known as Mr. Einstein that is trained to breathe fire on command.