Victory Nelson
Japanese ヴィクトリー・ネルソン
Romanization Vikutorī Neruson
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Empire of Aeris

Famed as one of the strongest admirals in the Aeris Empire.

He is devoted and a proud Knight who has sworn allegiance to the Queen. Though he acts cool and calm, he is internally passionate and rightous.


Command Points: 450

Skill: 機先 "Vanguard" Increases attack by 10% if no damage was taken that round.

All Stats + 10% Fixed slot for "Knight Ship Victory"
Attack + 10% All attacks + 10%
Attack + 10% All attacks + 10%
Radar + 10%
  • Growth rate +2%


  • He is most likely based on Horatio Nelson, a flag officer of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.

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