The War of the Iron Soldiers is a conflict that took place in the year GI0360 between the then newly found Magic Sect and the Balshin Empire. 

The Magic Sect was a group that had just been formed by Luca Rune, who gathered a total of 100 talented mages from all over The Continent to assist him in his new organization. In an era where Swordplay was considered the epitome of honour and justice, while Magic users where seen as coward cheater, the Balshin Empire waged war to the young Magic Sect. It was a powerful military country, known for being the strongest of the time.

In the conflict, a total of 20,000 soldiers from the Balshin Empire took part, whereas only 24 Iron Soldiers from the Magic Sect were deployed, remotely controlled by the Magic Sect. Despite the overwhelming difference in numbers, the Magic Sect won without losing a single one the original 100 members in the war, and the 20,000 Balshin soldiers were annihilated. The whole battle lasted only 3 days.

The Balshin Empire crumbled after its crushing defeat, leaving its capital as abandoned rubble, where Luca Rune decided to build his own capital for his new organization, which he named Detna Luca. This outstanding victory for the Magic Sect was the spectacular beginning of the Magic Era that lasted for almost 100 years more.