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Japanese ワーグ
Romanization wāgu
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth 205 / GI0817 (Rance X)
220 / GI0817 (Rance X: Part 2)
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 151cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Dark Lord
World The Continent
Affiliation Independent, United Human Army, Rance
Level limit 150
Skill levels Dream Manipulation Lv2
Appeared in Rance X


Warg is an independent Dark Lord that lives in solitude isolated from everyone else.

Prior to her transformation at the hands of Demon King Gi she was a human named Warg Aka (ワーグ・赤, wāgu aka). Out of all the Dark Lords she has the lowest fighting strength, comparable to that of a regular teenage girl, but she makes up for it with a dreadful ability. Her body inherently secretes pheromones capable of inducing a forceful sleep on anyone it enters into contact with, making every living being that gets close to her fall asleep on the spot. Furthermore, those that fall asleep by effect of her ability won't ever wake up again on their own if Warg herself doesn't release them from their slumber. Because of this fearsome ability, she's a figure of great fear within the Monster Realm, and no one gets close to her vicinity. Due to her inability to form relationships with others, she's lived a solitary life on a simple house of her own along with her pet Lassie, never interacting with anyone.


  • Warg came in 12th place in the "Females" category of the Rance X:Popularity Poll.
  • Warg's character design was inspired by the design of Cyborg 003.
  • On the initial version of the game, Warg was erroneously stated to be 142 cm tall like in Kichikuou Rance. This was fixed in version 1.02, as she was intended to have the appearance of a teenager.
  • Warg is given the nickname of "The Heart of Silence" (静寂の中央) in the opening sequence of Rance X.