Shizuka Masou attacking with a White Destruction Beam.

White Destruction Beam
hakushoku hakai kōsen

The White Destruction Beam is one of the most powerful magic attacks a magician can employ in combat.

The user holds out both hands and summons a penetrating sheet of magic energy, taking the element of Light to a critical level and transforming it into a turbulent blast of energy.

In appearance, the attack takes a spherical shape and is shot in a straight line, destroying everything in the front-side of the caster. The sheer power of this attack is incredible, and can annihilate multiple foes in one clean strike, albeit it consumes a lot of stamina and takes some time to charge.

Only the best mages are capable of learning this amazingly complex and powerful magic attack, typically Level 2 mages that spent some dedication and training, although it comes naturally to Level 3 mages.

Known UsersEdit