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Brand Alice Soft
Release date November 30, 2001
Genre / Rating Conquest SLG / 18+
Base price 8500, 2800
Voice none
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Background story Edit

In a parallel universe, feminist "Womenrica" won World War II, and forced a female-centric constitution upon the defeated Japan. Japanese city governments "outsource" the task of peacekeeping to local organizations, all lead by females.

Yamamoto Akuji is the original successor of the Wakame, the largest gang in the city of Oosaka. He was captured as a POW, and finally was able to get home after the war was over. However, he returns to a home he no longer recognizes. To add to his shock, he's no longer the successor of his grandfather's organization, all because of a sexually discriminating constitution…

Story Intro Edit

You (Yamamoto Akuji) are finaly back in Oosaka after being a soldier for three years in war and captured in prison. Oosaka has changed a lot. Standing alone at the port you look forward to meet your love Haku Minka again. Your father was the boss of Wakame Yakuza controlling this city, so you expect a warm welcome.

However, arriving at your home everything turns out completely different. Kamio, Ran Ichihashi's servant tells you that your father is dead, and that your grandfather has been missing for a year now, looking for someone stronger than himself and also that WIME, the winner of the war sets woman in leading positions everywhere in Japan. Ran, your grandfather's concubine has become the head of Wakame Yakuza now. You won't have any of it, so Ran has to beat you up and throws you out.

You find yourself in an alley with a drunkard. Being already pissed you start getting violent, but three girls from the "Youth Service Group" (YGS) responsible for the public ordinance stop you. Since you are still weak they manage beat you up . You faint again and they drag you to their head quarter.

When you wake up Tomoko and Mirai tell you that the law has change since Japan has lost the war. You also get to know that the "Youth Sercive Group" was just founded three month ago. After tricking them into an amazing session they become your girls. Later you also make love to Aoba the leader and take over the new group. Your mission to unite Japan has started...

Selling points Edit

(These are self-ranked by Alice Soft)

  • Ero-ness: 10 out of 5
  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5
  • Play time: 5 out of 5

Characters Edit

Key Characters Edit

First 10 MinutesEdit

Daiakuji Cocktease10:00

Daiakuji Cocktease

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