Japanese ザカリテ
Romanization zakarite
Race Devil
Sex Male
Class Unknown
World The Continent
Affiliation Devils, Magic The Gandhi
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance

About Edit

Xacalite is a Devil that made appearance in Kichikuou Rance during the Zeth phase. He's summoned by Magic The Gandhi to aid her in the war against Leazas in the battlefield.

She offered her Soul as payment for his help, which he agreed and summoned a Devil Chair that serves to make pacts with Devils. Magic sat in the chair and entered in a dormant state until Xacalite completes his part of the deal. His mission consists of attacking the Leazas Army back in the Leazas Castle and defeating a total of 800 troops. If he fails he will attack again the following week until he reached the number.

If Xacalite succeeds in defeating 800 of the player's troops, he will leave after taking Magic's soul, obviously killing her in the process. If the player dispels the Devil Contract with the help of an item handed by Ho Raga, Xacalite will leave enraged after failing his mission, saving Magic's life in the process.


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