Unit DescriptionEdit

A female archer that's famous in JAPAN.

Her unit is made up of her followers from JAPAN, and her command over them makes them usable for both offensive and defensive battles.

Uses the special attack "Whirlwind Shot".

Whirlwind ShotEdit

Isoroku's special skill can be used after using the "Wait" command and charging for 1 turn. On the following move, the option to use the move will be enabled. The attack will always deal a fixed 1 damage point to anyone, with exception of Dark Lords.


  • Defeat her while fighting JAPAN. Must be done before conquering Osaka.


"She was a JAPANese general, but I made her my subordinate because she's cute.

Apparently she wants a child that can carry on the Yamamoto Familiy name.

I should pump a bunch of thick stuff inside her." -Rance


  • Any time after calling her in the harem twice there's a small chance every time you call her that she will be impregnated. You must have the hospital. You can't have sex with her while she's pregnant. After enough time has passed for her child to be born she will obtain her happy ending.
    • You need to talk to her in the commander screen for her to tell you she is pregnant.
    • You also need to wait until his child is born before ending the game to get her happy ending.
  • Isoroku's child being born is also necessary for Kouhime's happy ending.
  • If she is killed by Medusa she will get her unhappy ending. This is a random event when you are at war with the monsters. If this happens it's better to load to avoid it since it's a random event, unless you are aiming to get all cgs and/or all endings.


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