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Ohh... How could this wonderful boy... Be born from... That ridiculous man...?

3G, expressing astonishment at Rangi's kindness despite his parentage.

Yamamoto Rangi
Japanese 山本乱義
Romanization Yamamoto Rangi
Race Human
Age / Birth 1 / LP0006
16 / LP0006 (Rance X: Part 2)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 171cm / 61kg (Rance X: Part 2)
Status Alive
Class Archer
World The Continent
Affiliation JAPAN, Oda House, Yamamoto House
Level limit
Skill levels Bow Combat Lv2, Government Lv1
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Kichikuou Rance, Rance Quest


Yamamoto Rangi is the child born from the great JAPANese archer Yamamoto Isoroku and the brutish adventurer Rance, conceived in the year LP0005 during the later's conquest of JAPAN. Due to being the last remaining member of the Yamamoto House, Isoroku longed for giving birth to a boy that would become the heir of her destroyed clan. She held little interest in who the father was and initially preferred that it was a man from a wealthy JAPANese family, however, Rance managed to convince her that he would be the man to unify JAPAN and that her son would be better if he was under the mantle of the Oda House instead.

While Rance's major interest was simply in sleeping with Isoroku and he kept the contraception spell placed on him by Sill, she was eventually successfully impregnated near the end of Sengoku Rance. During the Sengoku Rance Epilogue, however, only Natori and Suzume noticed it. It is unknown how exactly she was impregnated despite the contraceptive magic. Possible theories were that the charms Isoroku had or her constant prayer contained some magic to negate the contraception spell, but the most solid theory is that when Sill was frozen, the contraception spell expired a short time later during their war with Xavier, and she was effectively impregnated before he left the country.


Rangi's appearance on the 10 year timeskip of Sengoku Rance.

Rangi made his first physical appearance in the ending of the Isoroku Route of Sengoku Rance after a 10 year timeskip, where Rance is mobilizing armies from Leazas, Helman, Zeth and JAPAN against the forces of the Monster Realm, starting a large-scale war between the Dark Lords and humans. As a result, JAPAN organized an army of 82,000 troops led by many of its top commanders like Houjou Souun and Sanada Tourin. Rangi appears as a young warrior that is about to be deployed on his first battle. Being the Lord of the Yamamoto House, which on this route unified JAPAN after being annexed to the Oda House, there is a lot of caution and arrangements being made. He appears along with his mother Isoroku, who's assisting him in the preparations for war, and he's eager to meet his father for the first time, asking Isoroku and 3G about him.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Being a newborn baby, not much has been shown about Rangi on the current timeline, but on the timeskip a 10-year old version of him was shown for a short time. He seems to have inherited more physical traits from his mother, having the appearance of a traditional JAPANese boy, only inheriting the brown eyes and hair from his father, though his green JAPANese armor is quite reminiscent of Rance's own.

His personality contrasts a lot with his father's as well, being noted by 3G for being almost absurd how different he is from Rance. Unlike Rance, Rangi is a very polite and charming young man that speaks with a courteous tone towards his subordinates. He's attached to his mother, expressing concern over her health due to previous injuries from battles. He's eager and curious to meet his father for the first time, asking many questions about him and looking forward to being able to help him on his biggest battle against the Demon Army. He's seemingly very brave and with a strong sense of responsibility that takes him to the battlefield despite his young age. It can easily be seen that he was raised by Isoroku, as he seemingly has no personality traits from his father outside of his courage.


Being the son born between the extremely talented adventurer Rance and the highly skilled Archer Isoroku Yamamoto, Rangi possesses a level 2 skill in Bow combat.

Additionally, since he's the son of the Balance Breaker Rance, he has inherited his lack of Level Cap, granting him an infinite potential that allows him to become infinitely stronger, making him one of the humans with the highest potential on The Continent only rivaled by his brothers, sisters, and father.


  • He is the first pure blooded human child son of Rance, at least in the canonical timeline. 
  • While Reset has grown up a lot more due to being a Kalar, Rangi is still technically her older brother.
  • He had a non-canonical appearance in Kichikuou Rance if the player plays through Isoroku's events. The player may also choose his name from several options: Rance 2, Muteki, Poop, Nijuuichi, and Matayamamoto.