Japanese ヤマネ
Romanization Yamane
Devil Yamane
Race Devil
Sex Male
Class Level God
World The Continent
Affiliation Devils, Poron Chao, Pitten Chao
Appeared in Kaeru nyo Panyon, Persiom, Kaeru nyo Kunio Alice

About Edit

A flamboyant and eccentric Devil of unknown rank who is largely indifferent to the conflicts between his people and the Gods, and instead prefers spending his time posing as a Level God in the human world to amuse himself. Despite this, his is not an altogether bad person and is capable of feeling respect for humans that he believes are worthy of it.


Yamane enjoys being attacked by a Killer Loli.

A lecherous pervert, Yamane is very sexually adventurous and enjoys experimenting with new fetishes during sex. He has a particular fondness for BDSM, however, and is something of a masochist. While he doesn't find human women unattractive, he vastly prefers Gal Monsters due to their unique characteristics that more easily cater to his outlandish tastes, and will reward anyone who captures one for him.

Surprisingly, he is good friends with the Kingdom of Parancho's Major General Pitten Chao and court wizard Nikopelli, to the point where he agreed to assist Pitten's younger brother Poron Chao in returning to his Kingdom by serving as a temporary Level God to his party.

Abilities Edit

As a Devil, Yamane possesses abilities far beyond most beings within The Continent. This is best shown whenever he acts as a Level God, as he is capable of preforming actions that actual Level Gods such as Willis Fujisaki are incapable of doing.

His most notable ability as a Level God is his power of reclassification, which allows him to change or upgrade the class of whoever summoned him. By simply class changing, an ordinary person can become several times more powerful than they otherwise could, making it a far more effective method of growth than leveling up.

Besides his abilities as a Level God, Yamane is also capable of reversing the flow of time in order to reset events that have already happened. This is an extremely advanced magic even for a being as powerful as a god or a devil, suggesting that he is quite high ranking. In addition, he is very resilient to most attacks and is capable of changing his size and physical appearance at will, even to the point of multiplying himself.

Yamane is also incredibly crafty, being able to operate outside the restrictions of the Devil World seemingly without having to collect souls. How he is capable of doing this is largely unknown, but it allows him to have perhaps the greatest amount of freedom of any known Devil.


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