• Spoilers* Seijou's Gang Leader. A violent man who rules over the school with fear and power. He loses his position when he is defeated by Rouga, which leaves him to wander around.

something happened to him, he awakens to find that he has been under the care of an old man and a girl.

It was being shown care and kindness by the girl and old man that changed him.

He repays their kindness by saving the old man from a thug, then leaves them behind. He goes back to Seijou to see Rouga, who allows Agito to join him. *Spoilers*


  • His nickname is "Akito of the Dark"
  • He wears a necklace given to him by the girl after he is saved
  • Agito sometimes struggles with his former violent self as he equipped the gun
  • In Hard Mode, he joins Igarashi and never meets the girl and old man.

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