Japanese ヤンキー
Romanization yankii
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monsters
World The Continent
Strength Low-Medium
Appeared in Rance IV, Toushin Toshi 2, Rance VI, Dungeons & Dolls, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Evenicle}}

About Edit

Yankees are a type of Guy Monter that resemble Goblins. They look and act similar to human thugs, with a vulgar and repulsive behavior. One distinctive trait of their race is the fact that they are all born with a "LOVE" tattoo on their forehead. They are also dark-skinned men with big chins.


A group of Yankees beating up a woman.

They are among the handful few Guy Monsters that wear human clothing, although it's not very varied, since most of them wear sleeveless shirts with trousers and boots. In combat, they also fight like humans by wielding weapons, in their case, a baseball bat.

They are not quite so powerful but still stronger than the average human, and their bats are pretty tough weapons.

Yankees are pretty similar to humans in appearance, much more than most monsters. If there's a reason for this it remains unknown. They are very cruel and brutal monsters, enjoying beating people with their bats to death, or gang-raping women to their hearts content. They are sadistic and enjoy fighting and humilliating their opponents, vulgarly laughing and spiting or peeing on them after defeating them. They are also coward monsters, often engaging in bigger numbers.