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A ninja from JAPAN who entered the Combat God Tournament in Toushin Toshi under the orders of the shogun in JAPAN to investigate the tournament. She can create multiple illusions of herself, rendering her virtually unable to be hit. Her weakness is her fear of frogs.

In her very first match her opponent was Rance. While she was no match against the swordsman, when Rance found out Yayoi is female, he tried to assault her before the match was settled, thereby getting himself disqualified.

In the semi-finals round she her opponent was Custom, who exploited her fear of frogs and easily defeated her.

After losing in the tournament, she was held in Yora's domain to be consumed later. When Yora went berserk, she escaped and helped Custom defeat Yora.

Appears in: Toushin Toshi

Trivia Edit

  • She is one of the few women rance failed to have sex with.

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