Yn are former humans who are transformed due to excessive exposure to jaki. The kanji of Yn literally means "Black", though it is pronounced like 陰 (Japanese pronunciation of "Yin").

Yns do not age, and cannot be harmed by regular human beings. Jaki is their source of power, and by attacking each other, they can absorb the jaki from other Yn, making themselves more powerful. Many Yn participate in the activity called the Melting Pot to thus increase their powers. The strongest of the Yn is known as the Kyng.

Most Yn look like horrid humanoid monsters, although some of the strongest of the Yn retain their human form with minimal changes. The non-human-form Yns fall into the following types:

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  • Under typical conventions on the wiki, Yn would have been translated as "In" or "Black". It is translated as "Yn" here as an alternative way to portray the unusualness of the written character vs pronunciation.