Japanese 雪姫
Romanization yukihime
Yukihime- -Sengoku Rance
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Miko
World Rance World
Affiliation Asai Asakura House, JAPAN
Appeared in Sengoku Rance

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Yukihime is daughter of Asakura Yoshikage. She respects her father and inherits everything he ever taught to her. Due to her immaculate beauty and kindness, she is well-known not only within Asai-Asakura's territory, but throughout all of JAPAN.

Appearances Edit

Sengoku Rance Edit

In response to Oda's expansion, Asakura Yoshikage sent a messenger to offer a reconciliation. Rance, the secret ruler of Oda, doesn't seem to really like the idea, though his attention is soon distracted into the rumored beauty of Asai-Asakura who is pleading the offer along with the messenger, Yukihime. Without wasting any time, Rance groped Yukihime's breasts, thus angering the messenger. This is the trigger for Asai-Asakura to declare war against Oda. 


  • Yukihime's first name is pronounced the same as the first names of La Saizel's Apostle Yuki, who makes an appearance in Rance VI and Yuki Del from Rance I, Rance 01 and Rance 5D. However in Japanese, the Yuki in Yukihime is spelled with the kanji 雪 while Apostle Yuki and Yuki Del are both spelled in katakana as ユキ.   

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