Yuri Julius
Japanese ユーリ・ユリウス
Romanization Yūri Yuriusu
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Republic Empire of Itarin

Yuri Julius is known for being Itarin's only competent admiral. She is not happy with Muccilini Venice's leadership, and despises her dress code.


Recruitment: After Great Rome is taken over by The Empire of Aeris, recapturing Great Rome allows her recruitment.

Command Points: 420 (450)

Skill: Vanguard: 10% damage increase when at full health.

Stats +20%
Attack +0%
Attack +0%
Radar +0%
  • 2% Growth Rate
  • Her fixed slot takes 195 command points. The fixed slot contains the Itarin Flagship Veni.Vidi.Vici.

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