Yutin Fulz
Japanese ユーティン・フルズ
Romanization yūtin furuzu
Race Human
Sex Female, Male
Class Miko
World The Continent
Affiliation Copandon Dott, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 30
Skill levels Sexual Tecnique Lv1, Housework Lv1, Miko Lv1
Appeared in Rance Quest

About Edit

Yutin is a slave carefully and specially trained given as a gift to Copandon Dott in her 30-year-old birthday, who she's currently owned by.

She does her job diligently and is well-behaved, receiving a proper education and being very skilled with different house chores. She looks like a young and naive girl, but she's also been thoroughly trained in the sexual arts and is actually a hermaphrodite, boasting both male and female genitals to use for the personal preference of her master. 

In appearance, she's rather small and slim and, while her clothes are nothing splendid, they certainly don't look like that of a lowly slave. She's a slave trained to serve those of high status, civilized and quickly responding to her master's commands.


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