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That's right...when people talk about the weakest man in the world...they mean ME!

—Gou talking about his pitiful strength

Zanma Gou
Japanese 斬真 豪
Romanization Zanma Gō
Gou Zanma Render
Race Human
Age / Birth 29
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Melee Fighter
World World of Daibanchou
Affiliation Student Union, Wolf Fang, Zanma Family
Appeared in Big Bang Age

About Edit

Zanma Gou is the well-known/famous president of the SU/Student Union, and Zanma Rouga's older brother. He is also Kamui's rival and best friend. While Gou is very knowledgeable, skilled with negotiations, and well-versed in combat, he is introduced into the game with little to no strength at all, causing him to be a very weak and useless unit. This, and many other reasons, is why Rouga is always irritated by his mere presence, with almost every single situation involving the two brothers has Rouga punching Gou into oblivion, however there is a very disclosed reason as to why he is not strong.

Gou is a part of the Zanma clan, which was known for it's low class reputation, but brute strength out of the three main families in Daibanchou. Knowing that he comes from a family with such a fake bad reputation, Gou's main goal in life was to live in a Japan where he wouldn't be discriminated against, just because of his family blood. He wanted to be admired as a hero, and live a good life with a pretty woman. Gou's taste in women are particularly different from Rouga, as he has a keen, sharp eye for a specific type of women, those that are most likely Miko are perfect for Gou's taste. Causing him to fall in love with Yukina, a member of the higher class Tatemikado family, who was famous for it's Shrine Maiden/Miko Nature valuing reputation. Even though Gou knew that someone like him, who was from a lower-class family, would be extremely difficult to marry a high class maiden such as Yukina Tatemikado, he was still persistent about his ideals. This sparked the idea to train, to become the strongest Zanma, so that he can change the way on how the Japanese view people based on what clan they are from.

Around the time when Gou was 18 years old, eleven years prior to the main events that take place in the game, the Hell Hole formed in the Shinjuku area of Japan again, causing even more demons to come out from it, making havoc on earth. This sparked the idea for Gou to become a hero, if he was somehow able to use all of his power to seal the Hell Hole and defeat the demons, he would be well recognized as someone worthy of being able to marry the Tatemikado Priestess of the Seal, Yukina. Unfortunately, Gou's ideals about him becoming somebody that can be recognized as a hero, even with him managing to gain so much of the Student Union's trust, that he become president...wasn't able take fruition.

Power Loss Edit

At the end of his journey, thanks to Yukina's power of the priestess, the Hell Hole was able to be sealed for the second time. The fatigue of sealing the Hell Hole became so much for Yukina to bear, that she became ill, and was sent to rest at a hospital in Oka Yama. In order to congratulate her on a job well done, Gou was thinking about proposing to her, then he could finally achieve his dream. However on the day he was going to propose he was interrupted by receiving a notice that the seal of the Hell Hole broke once again, and that it was reopening, all of Yukina's hard work was for not, and after hearing about this, angered Gou.

Gou then rushed to Shinjuku, only to find out that it was his rival and best friend, Tenrou Kamui who undid the seal. Unbeknownst to his shock, and the fact that Kamui was possessed by the Wicked Chaos, Gou fought his final battle against Kamui, in which he exhausted most of his B-power in doing so. With one attack of his strongest technique which he learned from training with Kamui, "Ardent Fist" Gou was finally able to defeat the demon possessing Kamui's body, only to find out that Kamui had no more pulse, and their younger siblings, both Rouga and Tenrou Kunagi walking in on the moment. He later found out that Yukina died of sickness, he even lost almost years of fighting experience, thanks to using too much of his power to seal away Kamui and the Hell Hole.

Gou vs Kamui CG

Gou desperately fights and defeats Kamui

This experience left Gou in a long state of depression, as he was left with both of his best friend, and love passing away, and his two younger peers, one of which is his own brother, detesting him. Gou later found out about another way of sealing the Hell Hole, by using the Six Sacred Student Buttons. After a long journey of searching he was able to find one of them, however it was old and dusty, like a relic, and there was no power left in it. Gou then spent the next few years sacrificing his power for the Student Button, so that it may work again, which explains why he is so weak throughout the majority of the game.

With Daibanchou's event's slowly coming into motion, Gou managed to make up with Rouga, wanting him to take over the banchou position of his group so that he can unite Japan so that he can change it in the way Gou viewed it to become... a better country, and not repeat the same mistakes that he himself made. He then trained Rouga, and Kuga Kyouchirou (a buddy of the Zanma brothers) the way of fighting.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Gou has black colored, mullet hair style, and has brown eyes. He wears a white colored SU uniform, that comes with a cape, that has red outline on the inner portion.

Gou has a rather cheeky, quirky personality when being compared to Rouga, who is at most times serious and stern. He is talkative, friendly, kind, has a great sense of humor, and is way more sociable and outgoing compared to Rouga. He is also very charismatic and egotistical.

In his earlier days, Gou hated listening and paying attention to his standard family antics, and at times often acted like a rebel, completely ignoring the principles so that he can live his own life, because he despises the way Japan operates.

Gou Peeping

Gou teaches Rouga about the way of manliness.

Gou is rather fond of women, and can be extremely hot-blooded and perverted at times, he has a certain hobby for peeping at girls during hot spring trips. He is also rivals with Kamui, as they both share the same romantic interest in Yukina, this sparked the ideal for Gou to train more, because he enjoyed having a rival to spar with since fighting is one of his hobbies.

Introduction Edit

Gou is weak

Gou boasting about how weak he is.

After Gou finishes training Rouga, he sends Rouga on journey to become a well known fighter, and Gou himself goes searching so that he may find rumors about a more of the Sacred Student Buttons. When Rouga is accepted into Seijou Academy, Gou shows up one day with Kunagi in her wolf form, telling him that he is glad to help Rouga in anyway he can, unbeknownst to his lacking strength, his role in Wolf Fang is to collect information about the other territories of Japan, and report it to Rouga whenever the next turn begins.

Abilities Edit

Gou Sprites 3

Thanks to Gou sacrificing most of his B-Ability into making the Sacred Student Button work, Gou is pretty much useless when it comes to combat, and hardly has any abilities. In the final turn of the game, it is revealed to Rouga that he was using up all of his power for the sacred button, and can fight normally, as he regains all of his natural ability.

  • "Gou's Pebble Fist": A weak punch, that hardly does any damage at all, is mostly performed for comic relief.
  • "Gou's Ardent Fist": Gou's ultimate technique that is stronger, if not equal (depending on Rouga's stats) than Rouga's Wolf Fang attack, it is a heavy punch that forms an aura of a highly powered wave. (This move is only available in the final turn of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • In Big Bang Beat's Seijou Academy stage, there is a statue of Gou, signifying that he was once a well-known hero.
Gou Zanma Sprite

Gallery Edit

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