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Zombie Elf
Japanese ゾンビエルフ
Romanization zonbi erufu
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Strength ?
Appeared in Rance I, Rance 01, Rance VI}}


The Zombie Elf is a Monster that would technically belong to the class of the Gal Monsters, but they are usually not labeled as such by humans because of their physical similarities to the Undead.

In appearance, they are largely similar to female individuals that have been revived through Death Magic, due to their decomposed and fragmented bodies, but they are technically living beings with a Soul, emotions and hopes. They have a long purple hair, with a rotten skin and bodies that fall apart, and have four extra limbs on their back that are usually used for combat purposes. They are extremely durable monsters that can take tremendous amounts of punishment before finally dying, and they can lose several limbs with little repercussion, though they can still feel physical pain. 

They have a hard time finding a partner for procreation, as they are notoriously unpopular and unloved creatures. They are tortured souls that seek love and affection from other living beings, but they are often rejected because of their frightening looks. This also leads them to develop a strong sexual frustration and become more aggressive over time, which results in them being very rare monsters as it is unusual for them to be able to give birth to another one of the species. Furthermore, as they are mistakenly considered Undead, they are regularly persecuted by members of the AL Church who have made their mission to purge all traces of Death Magic, reducing their numbers and increasing their rarity. Because of these things, the Zombie Elves are an endangered species with very few members left. They find great satisfaction and happiness with any sexual interaction they are given the chance to engage in, and many of them find themselves masturbating with frequency in order to fulfill their desires. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare for them to find a partner as even Gal Monsters Dealers have a hard time finding what to do with them, as only an extremely low number of humans that have a fetish for necrophilia would be willing to have sexual intercourse with them.


  • A Zombie Elf makes appearance in the second episode of the Rance 01 OVA.
  • One makes appearance as early as Rance I, making them one of the earliest Gal Monsters in the series despite the fact that they barely appeared in Alicesoft games.